Crystal World

A girl finds herself lost in a new world on the way she encounters a strange friend.
Will she ever find her way back to her world?


1. In The Beginning


I dived down through the crystal still surface of the lake, oblivious to the possible consequences, I could see what was down there as the water was perfectly transparent, I could see the bottom of the lake…Or so I thought. As my body was submerged into the water. The harshness of the freezing cold hit my heart and ripped through my limbs making me aware of the lack of air in my lungs, I started to kick to the surface of the water hoping to be emerged in the crisp warm air of July but as my head made contact with the smooth surface a pair of hands latched onto my legs and started dragging me down further through the Celeste blue coloured water. I could feel my consciousness leaving me; killing me slowly, the air in my lungs had finally run out and I was dying. Before I blacked out I could see the bottom of the lake rise above my head and everything went black…

Suddenly I was aware of my body being thrown through the air, I landed with a muffled thud on a soft surface, and I lay there breathing heavily thinking through what had happened and where I now lay. Slowly I put my hands out and felt the ground around me, soft damp moss seeped around my fingers, I pushed myself up onto my knees and looked up and waited for my eyes to come accustomed to my new surroundings. “AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH” I let out a scream as a pair of huge round green eyes came into view as my eyes adjusted to the new world I found myself in. They were staring into my ordinary mud brown eyes; I looked around to see the new comer’s body but couldn’t see anything. I continued to stare as the eyes continued to stare back, I was just about to speak when fur; purple fur appeared out of nowhere filling the outline of a giant purple cheese puff with 2 fluffy arms and 2 fluffy legs with a tuft of fur sticking out of its head and I didn’t realise at first but two tiny ears on either side of its ginormous head. It broke out into a huge grin showing off 2 lines of shiny white teeth. “Well hello there” it said with a heavy southern American accent. “I’m Cheetos, and who might you be?”

“uuummmm” I couldn’t find any words as the recent situation had rendered me speechless

“well that’s an odd name, but anyway I was just sat enjoying the weather and then suddenly you come flying out of the floor and then didn’t move so I came to investigate” Cheetos said

“Why I’m nothing scary” I asked

“Oh I know that…it’s just we don’t get many’o you people around here” he said shaking his head and indicating the area around him with his small pudgy purple arms. Until then I hadn’t really had chance to look about, but when I did I found that I was in a clearing in a forest. Trees outlined the edge of the clearing beautiful trees of orange and red and green; Leaves littered the floor in little heaps of colour, rocks; huge rocks shining mysteriously grey and green in the sunlight. I got up onto my feet and wandered over to one of these shining rocks, and as I got closer I realised it wasn’t a shiny rock but a huge grey/green crystal that the light flew through and lit up sending streaks of light flying through the clearing I stood staring at the crystal when Cheetos’s voice rang out through the silence “Ummm, um. I forgot to ask you before, how did you get here?”

“I’m not actually sure, all I remember is diving into a lake and being dragged under the water and ending up here” I said as I walked over to Cheetos

“well we can’t be working with that, we need to get you home…” he stopped talking as his stomach started to grumble he put his hands on his stomach and looked down as he finished talking “but more importantly I need some food, come along Um” he said walking off with his hands swinging by his sides and his chin pointing in the air.

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