The composer

I have put a twist that shows that people my age are worrying about homework whilst they are doing what they love, or do best. This shows that homework is taking over young people’s lives, and music is something that peoples my age love to do to escape everything. I have based this poem on my own interests, as I play the piano, and love to compose new pieces and lyrics.


1. The Composer


I sit by my piano,

New music flowing around my head,

I look up at my blank faced clock,

I think I should go to bed


The deadline for the piece is tomorrow,

I need to practice with the Orchestra soon

The crescendos are getting jumbled in my head,

I get distracted; look out to see a full moon.


I’m inspired to write a slow, steady piece,

Rip out the paper to start fresh,

I peacefully play the piano to calm me,

Otherwise I’ll end up a mess.


I wonder about an upbeat piece,

 Perhaps with some lyrics or two

I hear a bird tweeting, gracefully dancing,

And a new idea comes to me out of the blue.


I think about the deadline, dawning closer each second,

Hoping I can get my idea down,

I need to think silently to finish

But I can only hear my own heart pound


I gather up my papers,

The unfinished piece in my notebook,

I wonder what I will tell the conductor,

I don’t think I’ll have much luck


I wake up the next morning,

New lyrics in my head,

I wonder what the day will be like,

I hope I don’t turn bright red


I walk towards the building,

My notebook in my shaking hand,

I turn the handle, walk into the room,

I hope they understand


I tell the teacher, I didn’t finish the homework,

Some people laugh along,

I try to explain, but she won’t listen,

To say I was writing a new song




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