1. Confused feelings in my mind.

For a moment i stopped in time,
Thinking of ways to try and shine,
Knowing how hard it is in my mind,
Searching is the only way i can find,

Feeling low on determination,
Racking my brains for motivation,
Pulling the strings for a sensation,
Grabbing the chance of completion.

Then my mood starts to change,
Pins and needles feeling strange,
Moving in and out of range,
Finishing at the bottom of my exchange.

Bubbles bursting through the crease,
Within minutes of the final release,
Letting overpowering thoughts all decrease,
Topping the table with satisfying peace.

My heart has skipped 10 beats,
Rolling up and making pleates,
Waiting for stopped time to repeat,
My mind body and soul downbeats.

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