1. Life

Life is a story
Story i can tell
of only mine i know
and i know how

Its like being a broken solidier
Knowing each day your body is getting older
Hoping the next generation is going to be stronger
to living up to expectations for longer

Each day being a battle
and battle being the task
to get through to the end
and not be the last

fighting hard words that can make you cry
no matter what way they say there always sly

muddling up your mind
to make your own find
to become the only kind
then ends in your heart turning blind

The situation so bad
that every second its makes you mad
you realise your that same lad
and that really makes you sad

You aim is to become the one
and hold up your own gun
to be strong enough to run
and lead your own fun

Life is the game
the game is always the same
your chance to around for fame
make everyone know your last name

Giving up is not an option
as it causes only eruptions
That will give u a caution
To keep your head in the game.

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