Your Still The One

Surly everything came clear to Miranda, she started doing recordings of her cover album, she got the boy of her dreams but when she gets offered an amazing job to go tour with One Direction after her small gig what could possibly change..


2. What Have I Gotten Myself Into..

"Please everybody move out the way!"
Oh the hysteria from all the screaming fans outside was hilarious but kinda cute, I can't believe that last two days, obviously life changing but now I am going to meet the look lads from One Direction! Things have started off really great with Jett and I hope they stay that way too because I really do love him, he's all I've ever wanted and know he's finally mine.
"Wow they are happy fans today" "haha Lou-" "Boys this is Miranda!" "Ello love" "Hi!!" Funny enough they all said hello apart from Harry who was some what speechless if I can recall the look on his face. "HELLO" "woah hi! Omg it's you, you have an incredible talent!" "Miranda, Harry's been fan girling about you the whole ride here!" "Shut it, don't ruin the moment" "well I could say the exactly the same about you boys, I mean you all so amazing!" "Aww thanks" Zayn said whilst he tapped my shoulder.

Everything had seemed to go great! The boys were lovely we enjoyed spending today together, we sung a few songs altogether but then Paul asked if me and Harry could sing Summer Love Together.

"Cause you were mine for the summer now it is nearly over, feels like snow in December but I I always will remember that you were my, my,my summer love, you always will be my, my, my, my summer love" "BRILLIANT!!" Myself and Harry starred at each other the whole way throughout the song, it was like the was great chemistry there. Seconds after seconds we were speechless, he was looking right into my eyes and smiling.

The boys decided that I would go with them the Paris and see how things would work out then if they did I would continue with them. I'm having a tutor come with me to help me keep up with my studies because I was in my senior year and everything was really important. We went to have lunch at some place, and weirdly enough no fans where around which was great because I really got to no the boys better. Myself and Louis got on real well, so did myself and Liam, Niall and Zayn, but Harry was different because I was like I had known him my whole life. We both decided to go down to the little outlet on the corner he fancied, it was amazing we had so much fun laughing. Whilst Harry tired the clothes on I checked my phone. '3 New Message, Hey babe, hope everything went well, missing you heaps. Jett xxx. Hey babe sorry to bug you but I was wondering if you wanted to go out to lunch or even dinner? Jett xxxxx. Hey babe where are you, why aren't you answering my texts I'm worried bout you beautiful.. Love you so much, Jett xxx.' I don't no what is what but I couldn't stop smiling, though I kind of felt guilty because I was spending most if the day with the boys.

"We'll I love this one, this one, this one and this one, Miranda what do you think? Miranda? Yo!! Hahah" "I'm so sorry! Haha" "what so so cheerful about hey?" "Oh nothing just glad to be spending time with you to get to no you, oh yeah all of them as well I love the tops!" He chuckled at me, got lost I my eyes and kissed my cheek. O oh what have I done..
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