Your Still The One

Surly everything came clear to Miranda, she started doing recordings of her cover album, she got the boy of her dreams but when she gets offered an amazing job to go tour with One Direction after her small gig what could possibly change..


4. Maybe he isn't the one after all..

"Um Jett! Hey love" "Um hi guys?" "Yeah this is Niall, and here's Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam.." Harry's face went white, he new exactly who he was. I saw he went pale then said, "nice to meet you Jett, whoops looks like I have lost my appitite to eat, I'm going for a swim." I mean I felt so bad because I knew exactly what he was going through and I was wrong.. "What's up with him?" "Oh nothing, he's just had stuff going on yeah" "why haven't you been replying.. I mean I no nothing about you anymore.." "Babe we've been together for 3 days and I haven't spoken you to two of them because I've been busy.. Yeah things went great and I'm going to Paris with the boys." It all went quite.. I guess I went off because I felt so bad. But why? I did everything I could to get Jett now I don't want him. The boys left for a swim and Jett and I spoke. "What's going on with us.. Apart from not talking barely ever?" "I don't think you understand how grammatically my life is changing right now. I'm hanging out with the hottest band and im touring with them.. Today's the only free day I get! And I wanted to show them around is there anything else you want to no!" "Do you still want to be with me?"

Holy cow, I really did not expect this one... But it really made me think did I want to be with him? "Ah I um don't kn- well I um" "so you don't" "I can explain, I mean think about it Jett these last two days have been so amazing to me." "Yeah I bet as amazing as you finally being with me then leaving me for some group who will forget about you .. Im done and were done." All of a sudden I started crying, it wouldn't stop just the flow of tears. I felt so bad for Jett I mean I wanted him so bad and know I could give a crap about him and what we really had.. I sat by myself for a whole until Zayn asked me how I was, "it seemed pretty intense I mean of course it was.. I'm so sorry. Are you ok? How are you coping?" "I don't no Zayn, in all seriousness I did love him once but I couldn't break his heart so I had to break my own.. I feel so bad but I guess it's for the best you no, I'm going to overseas a lot so yeah." "You have a very good point miss! Your holding up better than most chicks would so I'm proud!" "Yeah haha I feel so bad for harry though I mean how is he?" "He's fine, just kinda took him by surprise he never thought he would meet him haha" "I no I feel so bad, if I knew he was coming here I wouldn't have brought yous here." "Its not your fault Miranda, something's have to happen for a reason!" Zayn was completely right, he gave the best advice so I knew I could go to him aswell when I was down but I think now is when I speak to Harry.
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