Your Still The One

Surly everything came clear to Miranda, she started doing recordings of her cover album, she got the boy of her dreams but when she gets offered an amazing job to go tour with One Direction after her small gig what could possibly change..


5. Heart Attack

I think it was best that I see and Harry and speak to him because Paris was coming up in two weeks and I think it's best we sort something's out. "Hey Harry, I am so sorry about him turning up, I wouldn't have brought you all here if I knew." "Yeah it's fine, I was just shocked hay haha" "yeah". "How you holding up?" "Not good Harry because I did love him once just not anymore because.. Because of um, umm of because of you." "Me? I'm glad you said me I got a bit worried." "Haha yeah I could tell. But Harry before Paris I thnk I need some space on my own, you no to deal with this because I have now lost Jett as a friend and I think it's only fair to him that this stops now just so I can get my head around things." "But I thought you said you liked- but I get you and it's fine." "I feel so bad but I have to, I mean I have so much work anyways for my cover album and just this needs to be stopped for a while." "Yep .." "Well I'm off I think it's time I just spend time by myself" "ok".

It was as bland as anything, I felt so bad but it was for the best. I packed all of my things and left the beach. I got home and cried for hours and before I knew it I was asleep. I missed 4 calls all from Louis, so I rang him back."Miranda .. What's going on are you ok? I'm well we all are worried about you?" "Yah I'm fine just had a rough day today, hey lou I'm gonna stay alone for a while just to get over not having Jett around as much, and just to focus on my album." "Yeah that's understandable so I guess the next time ill see you is in Paris?" "Yeah I might come to Sydney with yous the day before we all leave but yeah I'm so sorry" "don't be sorry, you need your space and that fine." "Thanks heaps Lou" "no worries, I better go though" "ok bye!"

1 Week Later

Today I was off to the studio to record my cover of Demi Lovatos, Heart Attack. Bst song ever and I was finally able to nail the high notes so today was the day I recorded it, I haven't really spoken to the boys, I have a little to Louis but only over text and not for long. Harry has sent me a few but I haven't replied because I just cant, I mean I still wasn't over the whole Jett thing yet. I got into the studio and I was so happy I was with Kevin because Nathan was away, so we recorded the track and as I did my last recording I looked up only yet to see Louis there smiling and waving. When I finsihed he said I was amazing and how much he missed me and I said the exact same back cause I really did miss the boys. "So how have you been!" "Yeah not too bad, I've got a lot of things done." "except replying to Harry yeah?" "Yeah... Sorry I just can't not yet I'm not ready," "no it's fine just thought I'd bring it up haha" "yeah that's fine, I mean I'm not ready to see him Louis you no? Is too soon I think I owe that to Jett." "Yeah true, shit Harry's ringing!! I have to go but I'll see you in Sydney!" "Ok! Bye!!"

A few days later on
There's a knock on my door so I get it and yet it's Jett.. "Hey Miranda do you mind in I come in for a chat?" "Oh nah it's fine, come in!", this was the first time that I had seen Jett since the beach and I missed him and what we had, only our friendship though. "how you holding up?" "I've been better haha." "But your going to Paris in two days!!" "Yah I no, just the whole us thing Jett really hit me hard because I miss our friendship." "So I do that's why I came to tell you how much I miss you and that i am here for you whenever you need me." "Thanks Jett that means a lot, I guess we rushed it a bit hay. Things happen for a reason so I guess this is for the best and only for the best!" "Yeah, i have to go now cause I'm going out but if I don't see you before Paris, have an amazing time and take care of yourself!" "Yes of course! Hahah bye Jett".

I turn on the tv yet weirdly enough to see the boys being interveiwed but Harrys not there? "so boys where is Harry at?" "he is still in Perth, he has a few things to sort out before he left so hes booked a few extra days of stay until he joins us." i couldnt believe what Liam just said, he stayed behind for me... Knock knock, urge who could it be now! I really needed to finish packing though I do hope deep down its Harry..

"Hello", "Harry hey".
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