Your Still The One

Surly everything came clear to Miranda, she started doing recordings of her cover album, she got the boy of her dreams but when she gets offered an amazing job to go tour with One Direction after her small gig what could possibly change..


6. Confusion

"How are you? I'm so sorry for just coming unexpectedly", "No it's fine I mean come in.". It was him? I guess my wish came true but I was just hoping he would hear me out because I feel extremely bad because I miss his eyes, smile, so badly I mean words could not describe.

"How have things been?", "Yeah good Harry thanks-" "look" we both said engaging one and other whilst deeply looking into one another with emotion we both felt at the same time. "You go first Harry you deserve it.", "I thought we had something Miranda you no I fell hard but I guess I forgot about the whole boyfriend thing and we seemed to move quickly..", "I agree in a way but I loved Jhett you no and he came over .. Just for a talk though. We sorted things out you no, just friends but I did love him, he was my first love and he's not around anymore and it's hard sometimes because he was my best friend and I'm sorry that I lead you on because I did like you too harr-" "do you think there could ever be and us again? Or ever?", "for now I really don't no I mean I owe it to Jhett and I mean I'm going to be so busy in Paris you no with my single coming out and me and Niall and Elouise and promoting it..", "Niall? Since when?", "just you no we spoke at the beach and he said he would love to help me out, at the time i thought it was a great idea but I never did it to hurt you if that's what you think?". "No I'm not hurt don't be silly". I could tell he was HA but I'm serious I didn't do it too make him look like a fool I just did it because Nialls amazingly nice and he was so supportive as well as Harry but I already new him.. "So what's happening now do we go to Sydney together, separate I mean are we anything at all?" I could tell in his face he wanted it but I couldn't give it to him I mean Paris is the city of love after all. "Friends yeah?" "Yeah um I got to go see you in Sydney". He legit vanished... I didn't understand? I guess I would see him in Sydney then .. 

That night, 

The airport was packed of screaming fans which made me think of how much of a fool I was and that at the end of the day I couldn't admit it to myself but I really did love Harry .. No matter how proud I was or how much I didn't want to hurt Jhett that what I ad for Harry was more than Jhett, I guess I was in love with the thought of him. Walking into the airport we caught eyes whilst Justin Biebers song Thought Of You was playing and it was like we had planned it? Legit was magic I mean I've always wanted this moment with someone and its came true! He smiled but I guess he remembered I said friends and turned to go a separate way. I was escorted at Sydney airport by some lovely men who knew I had to be with the rest of the guys and when I saw them I was in complete relief to see them. They became my big brothers especially Louis considering I told him everything.


"MIRANDA!!!!!!" "LOUIS I HAVE MISSED YOU WAY TO MUCH", he swung me around hugging me and put me down whilst I greeted the other boys and walked to the car instead of waiting for Harry because the airport was ridiculously packed. At this moment in time with the whole Harry thing going on I needed a best mate to talk to so of course I went to Louis so we sat together and I told him the situation. "So Miranda you love him but you can't admit it for your own pride and because you feel bad for Jhett and you don't wanna hurt him?", "yeah..", "Miranda he's a big boy and you would never hurt him I mean seriously when we leave tonight and get to Paris you need to tell him ok!!", "AHHH YOUR SO RIGHT HAHAHA" we both laughed and funnily enough the boys told me to book the cheapest place for them to stay because it was only for a few hours so we stayed at a real shitty motel. It was fun because we made our own fun until I went asleep but yet no sign of Harry at all....


I funnily enough woke up in the car being held by Niall, which was kinda cute and sweet of him but as I opened my eyes to the real world around me I saw someone chilling in the front and I knew it was him. "Haryy?" "Mm yeah?", "oh ok". I knew there was an immediate awkwardness I meani comepletey ruined everything, I just wish he could see it from my point of view sometimes. We got to the airport and I couldn't even look at him due to him being so rude and disrespectful to me until Louis pulled me aside, "look he's mad because you wanted to be friends and due to the fact you were on Niall." ," Number one, that's how I felt at the time, I haven't had a chance to explain why and two how can I control who I lay on when I sleep...", "ok I get you and two yes I no don't worry but Niall really wanted to take care of you he said, Harry just thought it was weird because he thought something was happening cause you no how you chose him for your single promotion and stuff. Haha so stupid trust me but sit in my seat in the plane and talk to him.", "ok thanks Lou." I got my ticket boared and took Louis place and I could tell Harry had mixed emotions about this which I knew he was defiantally angry but he kinda looked happy like as if I had chosen him. "OK Harry im sorry. Trust me you have no idea on how much I regret telling you to be just friends so please here me out but I love you ..." I saw the cheeky smile appear and those amazing eyes glare in the lighting in the plane. "I love you to baby girl." We smiled and laughed, it was probably the best plane ride I mean things were amazing so I really can't wait for Paris!!

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