Your Still The One

Surly everything came clear to Miranda, she started doing recordings of her cover album, she got the boy of her dreams but when she gets offered an amazing job to go tour with One Direction after her small gig what could possibly change..


3. Complete Confusion..

I took the boys down the beach the next day, there was no one around because they boys hadn't been letting everyone in the world no where they would be at that time, I hadn't really spoken to Harry but he was giving me weird vibe and I didn't no what was up. Louis and I have been getting so close wichi is great because he's an amazing guy, I spoke to him about the kiss and I no it was only on the cheek but for me it was weird because I actually like it when yet I had a boyfriend texting me, I mean the one I've always wanted but I couldn't have cared less about him at the time. "Hey Louis, how was dinner last night?" "Yeah great M, I spoke to Harry." "Oh yeah and..?" "I told m what you told me and how you didn't care about your boyfriend and that you liked it when Harry kissed you but he said he was really surprised you had a boyfriend because you never mentioned him at all, which was normal to him because so many girls do it but I truley believed you were single so yeah, he's not mad just feels terrible! Haha" "oh lord haha I better go talk to him"

"You going swimming Harry?" "Yah in a minute, just been thinking about yesterday I really am sorry for this awkwardness and the kiss. Louis said you liked it though?" "Yeah I did.. I mean Harry we get on so well it's amazing, and just the kiss made something's clear to me." He laughed at me and hugepged me, then smiled and said "You no we have only known each other for literally two days haha" "I know and that's what makes me sound like a complete idiot because i don't feel right with Jett." "For real?" "Yeah I mean I thought I was ready you no for a boyfriend but I'm not, he's great and all but it happened so quickly you no, it's like the timing was wrong" "yeah I get ya". We sat and watched the boys muck around, he got up grabb my swung me so I was hanging off his shoulder and threw me into the water. It was so amazing I mean we were both so chilled about everything and anything. We joined everyone and just had an amazing time but when everyone got out apart from me and Harry this got real quiet and amazing? He was splashing water, I was doing the same back to him, he would throw me in the air and swim with me. He would grab me by the waist and kiss me all over my neck whilst i was drowing in my own laugheter because he was tickling me...

We kissed a few times but the last time really was meaningful, his soft big lips against mine were like heaven. We swam to the shore grabbed our things and sat with the boys, we chatted about everything it was so good. "Yo Mirri Mirri" "Haha shutup Liam!" "Miss do not be rude thank you!" Louis said laughing so hard he cried, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis went to go get ice cream at the van whilst I got to have a really good chat with Niall. "Hey Miranda so this boyfriend of yours? What's he to you now I mean you and Harry getting close hay" "Yeah I guess Niall, I really don't no what I want at the moment-" "MIRANDA!!!! Hey Babe!!" "Uh Jett" I went into complete shock I mean how awkward is this going to be....
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