This is Who I Am

This is a story about trying to find myself and who I am. Also where I hope to be heading and my mistakes up until now. This is my story.


2. Locked Up Here, Inside Myself

I kept and still keep so much locked up inside myself, my mind, my heart. I keep secrets from those I love, I sit in silence when its best to talk. Why? I don't know. I have always done it and I hope to outgrow it. I make mistakes, then dont tell anyone. I have a strange way of thinking and I've been known to put the cart before the horse. But all of this, makes ne who I am. Whether its for the better of for the worse. I feel that I need to let someone know. This I why I have movellas. I have about four friends total, and no one to talk to. I find it hard to trust even the kindest of people.
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