This is Who I Am

This is a story about trying to find myself and who I am. Also where I hope to be heading and my mistakes up until now. This is my story.


1. Cigarettes, Friends, and Family

I've made some really stupid mistakes in my thirteen short years. I have pushed away what I should've held close and brought bad habits to heart. I have been stupid, I've made mistakes, and I've been completely irrational at times. Ive taken risks that could kill me, I've kept secrets that I should share with someone, I've hurt myself. So far my biggest mistake is choosing to smoke cigarettes to hang with the wrong crowd. I wanted to stay with a friend of eleven years even though she chose to screw up her life. She helped set ne on the wrong path and I walked the line. I went through punishment pain and heartache for her and it was dumb. But as the saying goes to be old and wise you must first be young and stupid.
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