The Big Book of Poems

A book of poems made by us in our own time! Please read! We made all these ourselves so please appreciate our work! This was made with good intentions and made at our very school instead of home.


5. Journey - LozzyLoLXD


Thy time waits upon me.

A single path I shall trudge,

thy dove has chains no longer free.

Lord of the beat has responded to thou,

as the lord has kept me and blessed me until now.

The icy road feels laughter in thee,

We'll do it together in one, two, three.

The wheel has spun, the time is done,

thou must part against thy.

Alone I hike, please pardon my pass,

May peace be with you.

After all has done I know when thy has reached thy destination,

For all snow will melt and ice shall be witnessed it's foul play.

Thy time no longer waits upon me.


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