The Big Book of Poems

A book of poems made by us in our own time! Please read! We made all these ourselves so please appreciate our work! This was made with good intentions and made at our very school instead of home.


4. Don't Stop Running - LozzyLoLXD


Don’t Stop Running

Just keep running and never stop.

As long as you keep running you and I will reunite one day.

But if you stop the beauty of our darkness will vanish no longer treasured in my life.

Don’t stop running.

The universe will disintegrate at our presence like an out of date apple crumble pleading to let us show sympathy.

We show no mercy.

The day will become night, the bright sky will be no longer shine as strong as our power but will be banished from all existence.

Don’t stop running.

As long as you keep running, I promise you my minion, you and I will reunite one day,

But if you stop our friendship will be lost like our kindness, in the haze never to be found again.

Don’t stop running.

The underworld will become our new home and all the spirits will transform into half bloods our young soldiers ready to be taught the magnificence of sin.

Everything will be ours for the taking.

All of our companions and long lost relatives will all join together like a box of rubber bands, tough but flexible, to obtain our thrones, capture all the contentment like swiping a fly and regain our strength for our celebration of success.

Don’t stop loving me.

If you do the entire creation will turn into a nightmare world, a world where everyone’s hatred is forced to expose itself like our anger in action making this world a disheartened and fearful world.

Just keep running and never stop.

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