The Big Book of Poems

A book of poems made by us in our own time! Please read! We made all these ourselves so please appreciate our work! This was made with good intentions and made at our very school instead of home.


1. London - KryptoKitty


Stillness of the dawn was displaced by the scheduled morning gusts.

Banners were crucified against the brick- walls,

Using four large, black nails.

Expanded and compressed like a heart,

Displaying ‘Sell it Market Place.’               


The faint noise of an engine stopping and starting repetitively.

The ear-splitting buzzer of the Vauxhall in its rear view roared in rage,

Yellow lines ceased to be seen.

Infested by a population of streamlined cars.

The revolution of cars comes to a halt,

Soon replaced by the hustle and bustle of modern life.


Customers welcomed by a warm breeze,

Emitted by the immersion heaters mantled on the walls.

Carrying with it the bitter taste of unearned success,

The success that travelled in their sleek leather wallet.

As they mark their territory with a cigarette stub.

Elderly couples diverge around stalls.

Searing infernos of tea dance across the lips of the passers by,

As the welcoming smell of roasted cashew nuts deliver a pleasant surprise,

Accompanied by the unwanted aroma of stale petrol,

Emerge from buses and into the dampness of the alleyways.


Shoulders brushing past carry the icy, brisk breeze.

The dryness of the atmosphere lingers on your tongue

As you wander through each varied street.

Fabrications, myths and the ugly truth,

Dwell distinctively in each person’s breath.



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