Same title different story line- At this high school of performing arts it is a tradition to have a talent show with guest celebrity judges. When 5 girls FINALLY want to perform for the hell of it, what will happen if they win??


7. The truth is told (part 1)



 Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I was freaking the fuck out!!!!! I was pacing back and forth backstage and my friends could tell I was getting nervous, so they tried helping me out. " guys look, thanks for trying to calm me down, but ... IT'S NOT HELPING!!!!" "Fine be like that geez," Celeste said taken aback. "Sorry, I'm just REALLY nervous." "NO DUHHHHH, like we didn't know dumbshieeeeet," Michelle said. "Look let's just see if the guys are here yet, okay ?" Sierra suggested. We peeked out of the curtain only to see that none of them were here yet. What if they just decided not to come after all, because they knew we weren't going to win and they were going to bail out of our dates?!?!? No I can't think like that. Before we knew it the principal showed up on stage giving the most boring speech about tonight and then came the celebrity judges. " Today your judges are...... Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson from the hot boy band One Direction!" The crowd went crazy as me and my girls stood backstage dumbfounded because we had NEVER heard of them. I guess we'll find out who they are when we go up on stage. 


                   -After 24 great performances- 


 We were the last group to go on and I was even more nervous seeing as how everyone did an amazing job. "Up next g5!" The principal announced and the crowed cheered and clapped. The stage was too bright it blinded me, but my eyes quickly adjusted but I couldn't make out the judges.  I sat in my spot and Celeste took the guitar and placed the strap over her shoulder and Emily, Sierra, and Michelle took their spots at the microphones. I raised my drum sticks and tapped them together three times and we began. 

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