Same title different story line- At this high school of performing arts it is a tradition to have a talent show with guest celebrity judges. When 5 girls FINALLY want to perform for the hell of it, what will happen if they win??


5. The Call

-A/n- Btw the fake names i came up with if you couldn't figure it out it was Zayn = Zach, Hank = Harry, Nick = Niall, Luke = Liam, Lucas = Louis  


Clari's POV 


Ring Ring Ring...... OMG is this him? I just gave him my number and he already misses me. Should I answer?? Pulling me out of my thoughts were my girls behind me screaming, " AREN'T YOU GOING TO GET THAT?!?!?" I press answer and heard heavy breathing.....maybe it's not him...."Hello?" "Oh sorry! I was just ummm nervous.." "Oh were you know? I didn't know I made you nervous. I should probably hang up...." "NO!! You just answered my call." "Haha I know.. So what's up Zach?" "Who the hell is Zach?" "Ummm you????" "Oh just kidding... I was umm testing you." "Umm okay" "ANYWAYS, I didn't seem to catch your name." Oh yeah, it's Clarissa , but call me Clari." That's a lovely name.. My mates are dying to know more about you friends, do you mind putting them on speaker?" "Of course not hold up." I pulled my phone away from my ear and screamed GIRLS GET YOUR ASSES BACK OVER HEAR!!!!! I put my phone on speaker ,"okay they're here." "My boys too." "Hey hey hey", my girls said in unison." "Sup ladies", the boys said. "Is it creepy that we miss you already," one said from the other line. Sierra spoke,"No, I do have that affect on people." We all looked at her and Michelle said " *cough* conceded *cough*" she gave her an angry look and someone replied," Hey I have that affect on the ladies! We're so much alike! What's your name?""Sierra, and I'm going to guess...Hank?" " Smart girl." I interrupted, "If you guys are going to flirt go use another phone!" And with that she gave hank his number and was off to using her minutes. "Okay who else is planning on flirting because I need to too and I can't when were all here. "MEEEEEE!" Everyone said on both ends. They all exchanged numbers and were off. "Yay! Okay so where were we Zach?" "Oh I was just about to ask you when the talent show is because I wanted to go." "Oh you already saw me perform," "yeah but I want to see you all win like I know you will." "It's this Friday, but don't get my hopes up." "I'd never do that! In fact I hope you don't get my hopes up when I ask you a SERIOUS question." " Which is??" "Win or lose, will you go out on a date with me?"  "Of course I will." 

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