Same title different story line- At this high school of performing arts it is a tradition to have a talent show with guest celebrity judges. When 5 girls FINALLY want to perform for the hell of it, what will happen if they win??


2. Sign up

Every year at my performing arts school there is a talent show. The big prize if you win is you get a recording contract or a record deal if you are THAT good. The best part is the guest judges. Last year the judges were Rihanna, Nicki Minaj , and Cher Lloyd. I'm a senior and I can play the drums and the piano like a boss, but I've never entered. I don't know what it was, but I finally grew some lady balls and decided to enter.

At lunch I walked over to my four best friends Michelle, Sierra, Celeste, and Emily. I was so excited I had to them I was signing up. " So guys, what do you think about me in the talent show?" They all looked at each other , then Michelle spoke up," WHAT DO WE THINK?!? IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! You deserve to win and we know you will!" "Yeah and if you don't, fuck it in a bucket." Sierra added. This is why I loved them. They always supported me and had my back. I really should do something for them. Then it hit me. I SHOULD ENTER ALL OF US LIKE A BAND! Duh Clarissa!! I walked over to the sign up sheet and put us down as a band but I couldn't think of a name, so I just randomly put G5. Now all I have to do is break the news to them, but I'm sure they won't mind.

-After School-

"Girls, I have some more exciting news!!!" "That pimple on your ass went away??", asked Celeste "What!!!!! NO CELESTE. I signed us all up to be in the talent show!" I was expecting hugs and happy screames, but I got four dumbfounded faces. " Uhhhh are you guys deaf? I just said I signed us all a band." Emily was the first to speak," Yeah we heard you , but this is your thing not ours." "Yeah, I mean we aren't as talented as you." Sierra added. "If you put us in we will just ruin your chances of winning."said Michelle. "LOOK BITCHEZ, WERE GOING TO WIN THAT SHIT AND BE HAPPY, OKAY?!?!" "Okay okay, didn't have to yell though.", Celeste said. "You luv meh anyways." "Yeah we do", the four of them said in unison. "Let's get to practicing!"
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