Same title different story line- At this high school of performing arts it is a tradition to have a talent show with guest celebrity judges. When 5 girls FINALLY want to perform for the hell of it, what will happen if they win??


3. Run in

Clari's POV

I got to chose the song we were going to perform after many games or rock, paper, scissors.(I'm such a boss). Being the little ball of crazy I am, I chose the song Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects. Sierra was the lead singer, Emily and Michelle would be back up, or the lead if necessary, Celeste on guitar/bass and me on the drums. We went to the garage and set up everything, and by everything I mean my drum set. I finally got it all together and began deciding who sang what verse. That took a while seeing as people can't share the spotlight. We somehow managed to get three it without anyone breaking a nail.

I can't believe how AMAZING we sound together!!! I just know we're going to win. We decided to take a break and just go walk down the street. After we turned to go back I heard drums and a guitar being played. "OH HELL NO! NO ONE IS GOING TO JACK MY SHIT!" I ran back to my house with the girls right behind me. Once I reached my house I was ready to cut a bitch, but I saw it was five guys. Very cute guys if I might add. "Umm can you explain what the hell you are doing in my garage?" The one strumming the guitar said," oh we just saw these instruments and thought we could test it out." He had an Irish accent,and I wondered what he was doing here in New York. Instead I asked, "So your not here to rob me?" "Well.........." "OH HELL NO" "IM KIDDING!" He said with his hands in the air. "So why do you have all this set up?" Asked the guy with curly hair and a British accent standing at the mic. Sierra spoke up, " We're entering this talent show at our high school, and were playing as a band." "Oh really," he said walking up to Sierra,"lets hear it."

-After our kick ass performance-

The five guys looked at us as amazed and clapped for us. "You guys will defiantly win the show! " said the guy with tattoos all over his fore-arm. " Oh and by the way", he said walking over to me,"You look hot rocking out on those drums." And with that he turned and walked off. His other friends were talking to my girls when they saw him leaving they said bye and walked off too. Before they they were about to walk out I called" WHAT'S YOU GUYS NAMES?"
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