Same title different story line- At this high school of performing arts it is a tradition to have a talent show with guest celebrity judges. When 5 girls FINALLY want to perform for the hell of it, what will happen if they win??


4. Lies



"WHATS YOUR GUYS NAMES?!?" Really? She didn't know we were one direction..... Didn't the accents, hair, tattoos or anything give us away? Well I guess I couldn't blame her. She didn't look like the type of girl that would listen to our music . Anyways, I decided not to tell her my name just yet because I knew we were going to be the judges for her schools talent show and I wanted to surprise her or something. I quickly made up random names for us." I'm Zach, this is Hank, Nick, Luke, and Lucas. The boys all looked at me funny, but before we they could say anything I said, "Can I know your name and maybe your number??" "SMOOTH" the guys said all looking at me. I could tell I was blushing and I saw her grinning. "Well I don't always give out my personal information soooooo one or the other." " Number please." She walked over to me and  I handed her my phone and she put in her number. She whispered in my ear,"Make sure you don't give it to anyone else okay??" She slipped it in my back pocket and walked away. DAMN she's good... 


"Zayn why did you lie to them? They seemed like really nice girls."Liam asked as soon as we got back to the house were renting. "Look, I just thought we should surprise them when we show up at the talent show saying they won. Was that so bad?" "YES", they all said in unison. "Look the talent show is in a few days and I've got her number so ill handle it okay?" "You better, because the guitarist was amazing.", Niall said. "I thought the lead singer was sexy", Harry said. "Hey the backup singers were just as sexy. Did u see the one with the stripped shirt?" Louis added. I mentally laughed because Louis loved a girl in stripes. "The one with brown eyes was pretty too." Liam said. "Only you Liam." I said knowing he was too sweet. 


I pulled out my phone and decided I'd give her a call. 

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