Same title different story line- At this high school of performing arts it is a tradition to have a talent show with guest celebrity judges. When 5 girls FINALLY want to perform for the hell of it, what will happen if they win??


6. Afterwards



 After I ended the call I jumped up and screamed "SHE SAID YES!!! Holy shit." I must've screamed so loud the boys heard me because they all came up laughing. Harry spoke," I'm going to take a wild guess and said Zayn asked out that girl and...i don't know...said yes??"  I nodded with a grin on my face and said, " Her name is Clarissa, and yes, your right Harry." "We'll it looks like your not the only one who has a date... Emily, the one in stripes, agreed to go on a date with me." Louis stated with a cheeky grin. "Michelle ALSO said she'd go out with me," Liam said with a very content smile across his face. "So did Celeste," Niall added. "Looks like we've all got dates boys, because Sierra and I are having a celebratory dinner after they win the talent show." "That's what I was planning!!!!!!!!," the rest of us said in unison. Wow no wonder were best friends, we think so much alike.  Liam said," I just feel bad we lied about our names, what happens when they find out who we really are?" "Don't worry Liam! We will just play it off as a surprise okay???", I said trying to calm him down. 


Tomorrow was Friday and these past couple of days I've been texting Clari 24/7. We never ran out of things to say and I learned so much about her, but she doesn't know much about me. It was getting harder coming up with lies to cover my ass for the surprise, but I managed.the boys seemed to be doing pretty well too considering the fact that we were all texting every second of the day. I couldn't wait to see their faces when they see us as the guest judges. 





I had been texting Zach. I'm trying to get to know him better but he's always trying to change the subject when I ask questions about him. Weirddddd. Anyways, tomorrow is the big day for me and my friends, and just knowing that the guys are going to be there is really comforting. I really hope we win, because my girls and I are very much looking forward to our dates. 


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