The Day for the Bus

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1. The only one

Kathryn slowly got up from her chair at the table. The chair creaked. It was old and wooden. It had scratch marks on it and had been in the house for as long as she could remember. She stared bleakly out the window. The sky was grey and the ground was bare. She carefully grabbed her jacket from the back of the chair and opened the door. It was freezing and her arms were instantly covered with goose bumps. She put her jacket on but she still felt cold. She pulled one of her long dark brown hairs off her sleeve and examined it. She felt bored by how ordinary her hair was, but she tried to ignore it.

Kathryn kicked some dirt with her shoe; it was a normal black boot with no heel and a pointed toe. She turned around to close and lock the door behind her. She then it and presided down the street. The road was rather quiet, except for the occasional car going down the road. After several minutes of walking she stopped at a bench with a blue bus stop sign in front of it. Kathryn sighed and sat down on the bench. She looked at her silver watch on her left wrist. It was 9:20am, and her bus didn’t come until for another 15 minutes.

She leaned back and looked around. She spotted a mother briskly walking with her young daughter behind, who was struggling to keep up. On the other side of the road there were two boys running along laughing. Suddenly she heard footsteps and turned to see a rather large middle age woman who sat down on the bench next to her; making a loud creak. Kathryn suddenly felt very awkward. She was rather shy around people and wasn’t sure whether she should politely say hello. But soon, after a few minutes went by the woman turned to her and said in a rather high pitched, squeaky voice;

“It’s a not very nice of a day today is it? Rather too cold for my liking.”

“Whoa, um… yes it is really cold, I wish it was sunnier.”

Kathryn was rather caught off guard, as she had just started to daydream about the beach and flowers, and sunshine.

“Where are you off to.., um excuse me, sorry”. The woman was interrupted as her mobile phone had begun to ring in a rather loud and annoying tone.

Kathryn checked her own mobile phone. There was one missed call and two new messages. Her phone was an old ‘brick’, not like all of her old friend’s high-tech smart phones. But at least hers was sturdy. The number of times she could remember dropping it and it barely even had a few scratches.

Suddenly a small white bus pulled to a stop in front of the bench. Kathryn slowly stood up, got some change out of her jean pocket and walked up the two bus steps. She handed over the bus fare and looked over her shoulder. The woman was only just getting off the bench, and still talking rather loudly in to her mobile phone. Kathryn looked back into the bus. There were only about 8 people in the bus, so there were still plenty of empty seats. She took a seat towards the back of the bus. It was rather quiet, except for the woman on the phone. There was an elderly man with thin grey hair, talking to an excited looking little boy, who was obviously his grandson. There was a teenage girl texting someone, and a middle aged couple holding hands.

She got her phone back out. The missed call was from her friend Sara and one of the messages too. The message read, “Please ring me Kathie! I need to know if you’re still coming.” The other message was from her Nana, reading, “Hi Honey just saw you’ve gone out, can you please get some potatoes for me? Love, Nana.”

Kathryn sighed and got the change out of her pocket. There was a bit over $10. Just enough for potatoes, the bus fare back, and maybe a packet of gum.  She was slightly annoyed that he couldn’t stay out longer. She had wanted to buy some chips and well do something else.

Kathryn loved her Nana. 2 years ago, when she was just 19, she had volunteered to move from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, to a little town in the bottom of New South Wales to live with her Nana, after her Poppy passed away from a heart attack. She didn’t like the town much, but she knew her Nana loved it there, and she didn’t want to leave her poor Nana alone. She messaged her Nana back to say it was fine, and she messaged back Sara to say she was coming, hopefully.

After about 20 minutes the bus stopped in front of the supermarket. Kathryn got up and out of her seat quickly. No one else was getting off the bus, but an elderly lady with two plastic bags full of groceries got onto the bus. Kathryn went over held one of her bags for her whilst she got her money out. The lady told her thank you and went to her seat. And Kathryn hopped off the bus.

It was just before 10, and she knew the bus would come again by 10:30, so she had half an hour to get the potatoes and be back at the bus stop. She was starting to get a headache, so didn’t really feel like being out anymore.

The shop was really old and run-down looking on the outside. The paint was faded and peeling and the whole place was really small. The inside a lot nicer though. It looked like any normal supermarket, bright colours, and discount signs everywhere. Isles filled with various items. There were lots of people with shopping baskets and trolleys containing items of different shapes and colours. Kathryn walked into the vegetable isle and grabbed a 1kg bag of washed potatoes.

She then walked to the counter and stood in line. She picked up a packet of mint flavoured gum, and grabbed the $10 out of her pocket.

“How may I help you?” A woman not much older than Kathryn called out. Kathryn handed the change items over, and gave the women the money.

“Have a lovely day”.

When Kathryn was on the bus she thought to herself. She actually felt happy to be going back home quicker than what she had originally intended. She suddenly couldn’t wait to be see her Nana and give her a hug. She felt rude at the way she had been feeling before. She looked out the window, the sky was still grey and the sun was still hidden, but this time it didn’t match her mood.

“Have a nice day” Kathryn smiled to the bus driver as she slowly got off the bus. She walked back down the road to the little grey coloured house. It was small, but it made her grin. It had the yellow and orange Marigold flowers her Nana loved so much. She opened the door slowly, that was now unlocked.  She walked into the empty kitchen, and placed the bag of potatoes on the old rickety table. Kathryn then walked into the small lounge room and grinned as she saw her Nana sitting quietly reading one of her old and browning novels. As she turned a page, Nana looked up and smiled.

“Honey your home!”

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