Save You Tonight (Harry Styles)

She likes him. He likes her. Everyone knows but them. Would it be a good idea to find out? Or would it make everything complicated? Is their love meant to be?
She's shy, she loves to sing, her ambition is to be famous, she knows everyone, everyone knows her but she always keeps to herself. She's the type that anyone can rely on; she's the innocent one, the one that always gets hurt. He's one of those guys the girls are after; Why is he going after her and not the girls that always flirt with him?He's one of those 'jocks' in the movies that the 'cheerleaders' are in love with. He's the type to be a little cheeky and yet mischievous. He has secrets. So does she. They both do. What would happen when He finds her walking around late at night, crying?

This is my second novel... #NOHATEPLEASE and if you want, read my other one called 'Another World' which is a One Direction Fan Fiction.(based on Niall)


6. Stormin'

Harry's P.O.V
"What, why is it. huh?"I think to myself as I rub my eyes and looked to my bedside table for the time '1:04'. I got up and went to get a glass of water but when I got back I couldn't get back to sleep. There was so much to think about. I'm so excited for tomorrow.. or well.. today.. this morning I guess. El..I mean, Elena and I get to be working. She's so beautiful, it's kinda odd that I've never really talked to her though.
"Okay.. okay.. what am I doing? I can't get to sleep but I don't want to stay awake," I said to myself. 

After checking facebook and twitter I decided to go for a walk to come my mind. There's no worry of anyone harming me, it's Holmes Chapel... nothing ever happens.

As I walk through the rain, more thoughts washed over me. That is when I saw her.My eye sight was blurry, with the rain but I was sure it was her. She wasn't looking up,she was looking at the ground. I started walking a little faster and I saw that she had bags with her. 
"Hey, Elena" I sheepishly smile, trying to act cool although it came out all awkward.
She turns around about to walk off but I grabbed her wrists and pulled her closer.
"Elena." I say once more and pull up her chin. I saw her beautiful eyes all watery and red. Not because it was raining but something else. 
"Harry" She says, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight while the rain begins to lessen."I-I.."
"You..?" I ask.
"I.. well.. can I.. do you.. uh. Do you know where I could stay for a while? I can't live.. in my house anymore." She says, in between sobs.
"Oh? erms. Yeah, my house, if that's alright" I smile, supportively. 

Elena's P.O.V
"Really? Isn't it odd, we rarely talk.. I-..I-.. mean.. I've seen you around school and all but .. I always thought you were too... " I began but I trailed off.
"Too what?"  His emeraldy eyes just so perfect.
"Too cool for me." I laugh a little, trying to lighten the mood.
"Ha, you've got to be kidding me. Okay well.. Why don't we walk to my house and my mum can get you cleaned up." His perfect smile, boosting up my spirits.
While we walk to Harry's house, we used the 10 to 15 minutes to talk about.. basic things.. interests, favourites, dislikes, school electives.. just anything. For once, I wasn't nervous about talking to him, at all. it seems very cliche.. very.. hmm.. like those 'fan fic' moments.. a stupid one at that. One of those moments when the two main characters ( the girl and the 'hot' guy) get really close in one day and kiss and go out and all.... But wait.. it's true, well not that Harry would go out with me but we were getting close very easily. It was nice that we were comfortable talking.. no hesitations, no awkwardness.. we were definitely past the 'stranger-zone'.

We entered his house and by that time the rain had stopped.
"You can get cleaned up in there" he says and points to what ended up being the bathroom.
When I got out, I heard two people talking and I followed the voices. It led me to the kitchen, I could see two figures but I stopped and backed up before they could see me. I think it was Harry's mum talking. They were both talking in the Kitchen. 
"Harry, you better keep her safe. By the sound of things, she's been through alot. " She says.
"Mum, I know. She's the girl I've been telling you about."
"Oh that girl!"
Wait a second... he's been talking about me? I'm gonna think positively; not in a way that he's been stalking me and letting me into his house.
"I wanna take care of her, she won't believe how long I've been waiting to actually talk to her." I hear Harry say to his mother. 
"Uh- Hey. I just got out of the.. shower.." I say, breaking the tension in the room or well making it more weird.
"Oh, hello dear, I'm Anne, Harry's mother. Stay here as long as you want or need to. Treat this like your home honey."  Anne says and pulls me into a hug. I felt a little awkward but It's been so long since I had a motherly hug and it felt warm and right. "I'm going to go back to bed. Now you two, don't stay up too long, you still have school tomorrow" she says before exiting the room. 

"Aha, so er.. Hi there" Harry says ruffling his curls that were dangling in his face.. which happened to be really cute.

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