Save You Tonight (Harry Styles)

She likes him. He likes her. Everyone knows but them. Would it be a good idea to find out? Or would it make everything complicated? Is their love meant to be?
She's shy, she loves to sing, her ambition is to be famous, she knows everyone, everyone knows her but she always keeps to herself. She's the type that anyone can rely on; she's the innocent one, the one that always gets hurt. He's one of those guys the girls are after; Why is he going after her and not the girls that always flirt with him?He's one of those 'jocks' in the movies that the 'cheerleaders' are in love with. He's the type to be a little cheeky and yet mischievous. He has secrets. So does she. They both do. What would happen when He finds her walking around late at night, crying?

This is my second novel... #NOHATEPLEASE and if you want, read my other one called 'Another World' which is a One Direction Fan Fiction.(based on Niall)


5. R is for Rick

Elena's P.O.V
I shut the door and lean on it. Harry. He's just so dreamy. 
"ELENA. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET UP TO YOUR ROOM AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK YOU PIECE OF CRAP." Rick shouts and points up the stairs. I don't speak but I sigh standing up and starting to walk to my room.
"DID YOU JUST SIGH? HUH? PATHETIC, SERIOUSLY." He shouts again but I ignore him.
I hear the front door slam and the footsteps trudging up the stairs. The steps grow louder and louder and my door knob clicks, he's coming, crap.
"Heyy babe." Rick slurs.
"Oh my gosh, you're drunk, get out of my room. You are so disgusting." I spat in reply.
"Nu-uh, babe come here." He walks closer and closer and grabs my arms.
"You are just so- like so- well.. this is disgusting, you married my mum!" I angrily said. "Get out of my room Rick." my voice rising.
"NO! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT." He shouts, the smell of the alcohol drifting through the cool air. "Sorry, sorry. Please forgive me" He says and pulls me close to him, so close that our noses are touching.
"You sicken me" I try to push away but his arms are so strong.
He pushes me to the bed and I scream. He jumps onto of me and tries to undress me. I kick him where a man does not want to be kicked. While he's groaning in agonizing pain, I go to my cupboard and get my prepared suitcase. I knew he was going to something so terrible. A few days ago, I packed all my money, clothes and basically everything. I reached for my school bag, with my books and school equipment inside, my phone and laptop. I make a run out my room but I feel his hands on me.
"Get off me." I yell.
"NO!" He shouts.
I drop my bags and looked to my right, there's a table with a lamp, my table and my lamp. I try my best to get the lamp and I smashed it against his head. He falls and I think he became unconscious. I run down the stairs and kept running, even though my bags were a little bit heavy, I kept running and running.
It's been an hour, I ran for 30 minutes and started to walk. I walk past houses with happy families and I begin to cry. If this was a movie, the producers would start the rain-effects. 
It's getting harder and harder to carry a suitcase and a few bags. I would go to Belle's but that's like another 30 minute walk. Since I have literally no where to go tonight I start thinking.. thinking deeply.. thinking about my past, present and future and the tears flood down my face. If only Harry were here.. here to make things better because even though I don't know him quite well, he always seems to make me smile just by looking at him.
Maybe I could call Belle? I take out my phone and dial... No answer. I try Ally's number and still no luck. Maybe Lil's? 
"Hello? El? Why are you calling me at 1 in the morning?" She groggily asks.
"Oh, sorry, didn't mean to wake you up.. I just- don't worry about  it" I reply.. I don't want to put all the weight on her shoulders.. she still has so much to catch up on at school because of all the other activities she's involved in.
"You sure El?" I can hear some scruffling noises, she probably sat up.
"It's fine, I'm sorry. Go back to sleep."
"No-I can hear it in your voice, where are you? Why have you been crying?" She says very concerned-like as per usual.
"It's Rick.. he tried to do stuff and I ran. I have no where to go but I'm still so far away from You, Ally and Belle's house." I say, crying even harder.
"Well if I could drive I'd pick you up but I can't, where are you? I might know someone who lives around that area." I can imagine her giving me a reassuring smile.
"Umms... Near that park we would go to.. I can't quite think of where but that place where all 4 of us would go when we had troubles." 
"Oh there. Okay.. there are a few people living around there but most of them you wouldn't know... Best luck is to go to-uh well " 
"Well? C'mon Lil' I have no where, anyone's house would do for tonight.
And suddenly water began to drip down from some clouds. Argh why now? 
"Harry's house " She says. "I guess I'll text you the details. Sorry, I got to go, I think I just woke up my parents. Bye El, Be safe."
And then she hangs up.
A minute later, she texts me Harry's house number and street... It was dark and the lights were flickering... water started to drizzle from the clouds and I just start crying again... I miss my mother, my father, my parents.. my old life.. without Rick.. without all the hassels and troubles.

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