Save You Tonight (Harry Styles)

She likes him. He likes her. Everyone knows but them. Would it be a good idea to find out? Or would it make everything complicated? Is their love meant to be?
She's shy, she loves to sing, her ambition is to be famous, she knows everyone, everyone knows her but she always keeps to herself. She's the type that anyone can rely on; she's the innocent one, the one that always gets hurt. He's one of those guys the girls are after; Why is he going after her and not the girls that always flirt with him?He's one of those 'jocks' in the movies that the 'cheerleaders' are in love with. He's the type to be a little cheeky and yet mischievous. He has secrets. So does she. They both do. What would happen when He finds her walking around late at night, crying?

This is my second novel... #NOHATEPLEASE and if you want, read my other one called 'Another World' which is a One Direction Fan Fiction.(based on Niall)


3. Park

Elena's P.O.V

After the bakery we walk over to the park, it's empty but everything looks so... picturesque. Belle's and I walk over to one of the park benches and sit down to eat our breakfast.  
"Hey, El?" Belle says, kinda out of the blue as we stare at the playground,"You know how we're like super-mega-awesome-best-friends?" she pauses.
"Yeah?" I manage to say after taking a big bite out of the cream bun.
"And we tell eachother everything right?"
"You are starting to worry me hun," I say as I turn to face her.
"Don't worry about it." She shakes the thought off.
"Well okay then but I am so glad you came over early today, when I texted you, Rick had slapped me." I shyly say.
"OH HELL NO," Belle stands up, anger in her eyes. "He can not do that to you.You should go somewhere, away from him" She finishes.
"It is my home, I can't leave. I grew up there, you and I did." I frown.

5 minutes had past, Belle and I did not speak since our little conversation. I then hear footsteps, they were getting louder and faster. I look up and my eye meets with Ally.
"Hey girls, what happened here? I can feel the sad tension" She says, raising an eyebrow.
"It's just a little bit of a bad morning I guess," I respond.
"Oh my gosh, Ally guess what happened at the bakery!" Belle chirp-pily says.
"Whatttt???!!!" Ally looks towards Belle.
"She talked to him" Belle smiles.
"No way, El talked.. to.. Harry? The Harry Styles?" Ally says, her face in awe as she turns back to face me." Congrats Elena!" 
"Ahaha, well.. I guess I had to start somewhere" I smile.
"What time is it anyways?" Belles asks to change the topic.
"Hmm, about time we leave" I say after I pull out my phone to check.

Belle and I stood up and walked with Ally to school. We didn't do much but talk and talk and talk.. like typical girls.

A/N Sorry for the late post and sorry it's short.. I'll be having longer chapters soon.. What are your opinions? More or less in a chapter?

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