Save You Tonight (Harry Styles)

She likes him. He likes her. Everyone knows but them. Would it be a good idea to find out? Or would it make everything complicated? Is their love meant to be?
She's shy, she loves to sing, her ambition is to be famous, she knows everyone, everyone knows her but she always keeps to herself. She's the type that anyone can rely on; she's the innocent one, the one that always gets hurt. He's one of those guys the girls are after; Why is he going after her and not the girls that always flirt with him?He's one of those 'jocks' in the movies that the 'cheerleaders' are in love with. He's the type to be a little cheeky and yet mischievous. He has secrets. So does she. They both do. What would happen when He finds her walking around late at night, crying?

This is my second novel... #NOHATEPLEASE and if you want, read my other one called 'Another World' which is a One Direction Fan Fiction.(based on Niall)


2. Not expecting that

My story begins two days before my 15th Birthday, Wednesday the 22nd of July.
Elena's P.O.V
Argh. Oh my gosh. Can't I just stay in bed a little longer? I hate waking up, it's like being sucked out... ripped out of my own imagination by my alarm clock. Oh the things I would do to live in my dream,it's another reality, one where I was a little girl and I was with my parents. One without my stupid step-father... Rick.
"GET OUT OF BED YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT" Speak of the devil, there he is calling me.
I let out a loud groan to indicate I was getting up.
"DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?" He yells, bursting into my room. 
"What?!" I spat. 
"Pfft, as if you care." I huffed under my breath.
"What did you say to me?!" He says.
"Nothing." I reply.
He takes a few steps towards me and I inch back in my bed. Next thing I know, his hand has contact with my face for only a few seconds. He slapped me.
"What was that for?" I whimper, Tears about to fall.
"You're useless." He says and walks off. 
I take out my phone and text Belles to stop by on her way to school, she lives one block away from me and I live 3 blocks away from school.. so it's not really far to walk because it's pretty straight forward and a couple of lefts and rights. After another minute, I get text saying she'll come in 30 minutes.. well it's only 7:00 and school doesn't start until 8:45 but we'll just chill at the park and grab some breakfast from the bakery. Mms the bakery.. Harry might be working early.. hopefully.. maybe I smile. 

I take a warm bath and I hear the door shut tight with a loud bang, indicating that Rick left. That bastard. I hopped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me. After getting dressed and tidying my hair the time was already 7:15 so I went downstairs to search for snacks. Nothing. Well what would I be expecting? A fridge filled with food and a cupboard with snacks? The only reason why I have alot of money is that when mum passed, her money went to me, I shouldn't really have it until I'm 18 but I made a special request to use her money until I find work. Actually, I was thinking to apply at the bakery where Harry works at. There's only a few people that work there so I don't even know. By 7:20, Bell knocks on the door and I let her in, we head up to my room and I gather my books and school essentials before flying out the door.

Belle's P.O.V
It's been a few weeks. Should I tell her? My best friend? Should I tell my best friend that the person HE likes LIKES HER? She wouldn't believe me. Wait,she might be angry at me and the other girlies if we don't say something? Maybe it's best for them to just start talking to eachother. We take a turn and find ourselves staring at the bakery. 
"Let's go" I say,  tugging on El's sleeve.
She takes a deep breath in and we walk in, she's nervous.
"Mms. That smells nice!" El says.
"Aha, welcome" We hear someone say and then we are greeted by a curly-haired Harry.
I see El step back from the corner of my eye.
"What would you two like?" Harry says. 
I remember going to school with Harry, we were close friends but with high school and everything it wasn't so easy to hang around with him. We still act very close when he's not with his friends. I actually used to be in the 'popular group' until someone just back-stabbed me in the back. Argh, if I could slap that fag. She's such a pooface. Trina Barker
~Flashback ends~

"Umms," I nudge El's arm, she blushes.
"Okay, she would like one of those fresh jam and cream buns and I'll have one of those... umms.. hmm anything you suggest Harold?" I say giggle but I try to stay confident.
"Erms. well lil' Bella.." He smirks, he's always called me that for some reason,(that or Belles) "What about the apple turnover?"
"Yum, I'll have that " I smiled and paid him. Before we left El turned around and walked back to him so I followed close behind her.


Elena's P.O.V
I don't know what I'm doing but I should really be more confident.
"Harry. Umms. I was just wondering..." I began, he looked so confused.
I was going to ask him if there was any chance I could work with him.. or well at the bakery. He probably would think I'm weird but I guess it's a way to get to know him.

Harry's P.O.V
She's talking to me. And to think she was too shy, I've never actually heard her talk so clearly. In class she'd be so quiet and like yeah.
"Er. Yeah Elena?" I smiled.
"I was just thinking if the bakery needed extra help?" She stopped for a second..." Maybe I could work here for a while because I need some money." 
If only I was the owner, I would hire her straight away. 
"I guess so, I'll check with the owner when she comes back from picking up some stuff at her house." I said smiling.
"Well thanks. See you at school!" Elena blushes and walks away grabbing Belle's hand to make her follow her. 
Belle winks at me, she knows.. or well everyone knows she likes me and most people know I like her back.

Belle's P.O.V
"Wow El! I wasn't expecting that." I said surprised.
"What?" She played dumb.
"You talking to him! Wow, You guys are cute." I winked at we headed to the park to chill for a bit.
"You think so?" She asks.
"Defs" I smirk and we head over to the playground.

*P.S Once again you guys, I'm sorry I won't be updating alot.. I wrote this ages ago and I thought I should just post it for more views on the book :) Thanks for favouriting and liking and becoming a fan :) I'll write more during the last week of June and first week of July :)*

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