Save You Tonight (Harry Styles)

She likes him. He likes her. Everyone knows but them. Would it be a good idea to find out? Or would it make everything complicated? Is their love meant to be?
She's shy, she loves to sing, her ambition is to be famous, she knows everyone, everyone knows her but she always keeps to herself. She's the type that anyone can rely on; she's the innocent one, the one that always gets hurt. He's one of those guys the girls are after; Why is he going after her and not the girls that always flirt with him?He's one of those 'jocks' in the movies that the 'cheerleaders' are in love with. He's the type to be a little cheeky and yet mischievous. He has secrets. So does she. They both do. What would happen when He finds her walking around late at night, crying?

This is my second novel... #NOHATEPLEASE and if you want, read my other one called 'Another World' which is a One Direction Fan Fiction.(based on Niall)


4. Afternoon

As I walk up to my locker to put my textbooks away and grab some homework from the subjects I had today, I see someone standing against it. The closer I got to my locker, the more clearer it got to see who it was. Harry.
"Err. Hey, what are you doing.. leaning against my locker and all?" I ask, rather confused.
"Umms, I dont know.. To tell you the good news?" He replies, a little unsure.
From the corner of my eyes, I see my friends. They wave good bye and Belle even winks.
"What good news?" I ask.
"So I asked if you could work at the bakery and Barbara said yes! I-erms.. would be happy if you could start tomorrow morning, I could show you everything and how to do things and stuff... if that's alright with you" Harry says staring at the floor.
Is it just me or is he acting all nervous and weird?
"Th-Thats fine" I smile and he looks up, our eyes connecting.
"Alright, well are you taking the bus home? walking? or getting picked up?" He asked, back to his usual self.
"Walking, it's just a few blocks."  I reply, feeling my face turning cherry-red.
"Can I walk with you?" He smirks.
"Sure, whatever" I try to be all nonchalant.
Why had it become suddenly silent? We have been talking about.. just random things and getting to know eachother better and then.. there was like.. nothing else to talk about.
"You sing don't you?" I randomly blurt out, I knew he was in a band, but I've never heard him sing.

"Yeah, do you?" He grins.
"Yeah, but I'm not any good" I frown, "Sing for me?"
"Errms. whhaatt? why?" He stops in his tracks to face me.
"Because, You're in a band.. I've never actually heard you sing." 
"Oh, umms. okay. well what song?" He asks. Is he serious? He's actually gonna sing!! 
"Anything" I shrug.
"Kay.. here goes.. Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful, Isn't she precious, Less than one minute old. And I never thought through love we'd be..."

Harry's P.O.V
I stop singing because El was going really red. Oh boy, it's so hard to just resist kissing her.
"Wow, I swear you should go on Xfactor. And promise me.. when you do.. you'll sing THAT song" She says.
"Haha, I have been considering it.. going on Xfactor and all." I smile at her.
"Well this is my stop, see you tomorrow morning at the bakery" She turns to walk down her front yard to her house before I stop her.
"Aren't I going to get a hug?" I smirk.
"Nope." She smiles and walks in.

It takes 10 more minutes to get to my house and on they way.. I just couldn't stop thinking about her.. Her beautiful eyes.. the way she crinkles her nose when she laughs... the way she smiles at everything I do.. when she goes a pinky-red colour indicating that she's blushing which is what MAKES her Beautiful! 
I wonder.. how can guys walk past her and not notice her cute smile?

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