Harry styles love story

During the summer I'm going to see my older brother Kyle with my bestfriend Olivia, by brother is a million air and he a singer and then he is friends with one direction and then I fall for Harry


1. The Airport

Nicole pov:

Hi I'm Nicole I have dirty blonde hair with beachhead waves and I have light colored skin with clear blue eyes and I very funny and bubbly and cute;) and I'm very clumsy and don't forget talkative. I have a brother named Kyle and my mom name is Sara Willams and my dad jake willams and by bestie Olivia but I call her liv for short and she calls be Nicky

Olivia pov:
I have brown wavy hair with hazel eyes and I have light colored skin and I got a pink highlights and I'm very random love food and also very shy at first.


Nicole pov:

I jump on Liv's bed, we share a flat in New York it has 4 bed room, 3 baths and 2 living rooms and a medium patio, and a cat and dog our cats name is fluffy and our dog is pickles. I jump on liv bed and yells at her to wake up or we will miss our flight, and she said 5 more mins. So I went down stairs to get a bucket I come up stair and spill it on her and she wakes up screaming what the hell Nicky I was beauty sleep, and now you get pay back. I gasp and say let's go we get ready and I'm in a pink long sleeve shirt and short shorts and liv is wearing a Beatles t shirt with jeans, and we head off to the airport we finally arrive and we have to wait a hour till it arrives, so I was getting Pepsi from the soda machine and I opened it and it exploded everywhere on me, I start to fake cry now I'm sticky and then liv laughing so hard then she slides in the Pepsi and then I slid too then liv said " clean up on aisle 2 " and we stated laughing and then we heard flight number 10 leaving to London " and then me and liv ran there and then I had to sit next to a kid and a old woman, and liv sat with two hot boys so unfair and the little kid would accidentally shove cotton candy in my hair and then talk to much and then the old woman wacked me with her bag telling us to shush while liv was flirting with the guys and I left to go to the bathroom and the lock got stuck and I couldn't open it great!

Liv pov

I meet these 2 really cute guys one with blonde hair and blue eyes named Zack and the the guy with black hair and green eyes named Luke they are brothers, i really like luke though but What is Nicky taking so long it's been 15 min I better check up on her, so I left to check up on her and she was stuck omg this girl and then we finally landed and guess what I got Luke's number yay!!!!!!! And he said we should hang out and we said goodbye and her we were gonna take a private limo to her brother house we are gonna stay there for 1 month.
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