Harry styles love story

During the summer I'm going to see my older brother Kyle with my bestfriend Olivia, by brother is a million air and he a singer and then he is friends with one direction and then I fall for Harry


2. Arrived at London

A/N I hope u guys love this story but I got some Ida's from my friends if u have any ideas plz comment below and I will try to update everyday enjoy xoxo :)

Nicole pov: We took all our luggages and am and liv were trying to find a black limo 5 min later we found it and drove to my brothers house and my ex was trying to text me but I broke up with him cause he cheated on me, his name is Dylan dark brown hair and blue eyes and said he was sorry but he slapped me and tried to rape me and I broke up with him and left to London for the summer and to get away from Dylan he doesn't know I'm in London though. We arrived at this big fence made of iron and its so cool and we drove down and there was a fountain in the middle and the house was enormous and it's was beige color and my brother came out side to say hi and i ran on top of him saying KYLE!!!! i missied you my brother said i was crushing him and he gave my friend liv a hug and he walked us inside he said it has 8 bedrooms 9 bathrooms a pool, 2 living rooms and a game lounge and a mini bar. 

-----------this is the house--------- 



Liv pov.

Me and Nicky could pick our rooms and unpack, and he said some special people were coming over today so get ready,her brother Kyle was really nice so i picked this purple one and Nicky picked the pink one 



 mine                                             and Nicky


Kyle pov: 


I had a surprise for Nicky and liv that one direction was coming over but it was secret.

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