Everything has changed

Danielle is an ordinary directioner puts posters in her wall follows all the boys on twitter and loves them to death. One day when her best friend gisselle invites her and her other friend kayla to a concert her life will change forever when one of them falls in love with Danielle but who? Read to find out

Authors note
Okay this is my first fanfiction i really hope you guys like it this is a one shot do you think i should continue or just forget about it? Anyway just commet and say what you want and please dont hate thanks anyway but still like and favorite and dont forget to commet.


1. The telling, the concert, and the asking

*BEEP BEEP* i woke up and got ready for school.i decided to put on some white shorts and a cute lace shirt.When i finished getting ready i tied my hair in a high ponytail and went downstairs to get some cereal.
"Danielle"my mom screamed "yea?"
"Oh nvm i just wanted to make sure your awake"she said. anyway i finished my cereal and walked to school which was only like a five minute walk
I got to school and surprised to see my best friends walking towards me
"HI!!!!!!" My friends said in unison my first friend is , kayla, she has short light brown hair and colorful eyes. My other friend gisselle came over, she has medium length black hair and brown eyes "Omg Danielle guess what?!?!"gisselle screamed in an exited tone (And of course theres me Danielle i have medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes) "What?!?" I screamed in a exited tone "Well....."she said "WELL WHAT?!?!" I screamed. "My dad got us 1D tickets!!!!!!"she screamed
"OMG NO WAY OMG OMG!!!!!!!!"
I scream in a happy voice. "When.." Then kayla cut me off and said,"
its four months from now but its ok we will just waste tge days until the day of the concert"
~(Skip time until the concert)~
~ 4 months later~
"I cant wait till later"i screamed "ikr"
Kayla said along with Gisselle. the night before i decided they should sleep over my house. Its was really hot that morning so my friends and i decide to go into the pool. We end having a water ballon fight and my friend kayla won. Anyway when we got out if the pool we dried ourselves and decided to have some lunch since it was barely around 2:00pm. So we went to Taco Bell (p.s i love Taco Bell !!!!!!!!)after we finished we came back over to my place and we each took a a shower. We all decided to wear white jeans so they can sign our jeans and a regular shirt. My friend kayla decided to wear some aqua colored heels which matched her shirt gisselle red heels and i wore black heels. We all curled our hair and light make-up. Then we drove to the staples center.we arrived and i gave the man our tickets. We walked in and got to our seats and waited for a good five minutes until Niall came out and screamed"How all you guys doin tonight" everyone started to cheer and so did i then i looked into his big beautiful gorgeous blue eyes.
Niall's P.O.V
"Your on in 3,2,1"
the lady said so i walked out and screamed,"How all you guys doin tonight" and the crowd went crazy i loved it being on stage all pumped up and the crowd as well. When i was looking around i saw a girl who had beautiful looked like medium length hair. She was waering looked like some white jeans and a black shirt but i was unable to see her feet.
Dannielle P.O.V
I was staring at niall when i noticed that he was staring back and i started to blush and i guess my friends noticed because they then said," hey i think Niall' s looking at you "
the concert was amazing they sang all the songs on the take me home album and even sang one way or another man this night is amazing it can't get any better than this
Then my friend gisselle said,"My dad also got us……"there was a long pause then she said it,"BACKSTAGE PASSES!!!!" "OMG REALLY NO WAY!!!!" My friend kayla and i squealed "YEA WAY" she said back "Well then what are we waiting for" kayla said "Oh yeah lets go ri........"when I interrupted her and said,"you guys go ahead im gonna go to the restroom" "Okay fine but hurry!" "Okay but give me my pass" i said holding out my hand she gave the pass to me and i walked away "hurry"they said.
I walked for a few minutes and finally found the bathroom.
~~~ one minute later
I walked out the stall and washed my hands then i looked at myself in the mirror ugh i look horrible i said to myself the i cleaned up a little and applied some lip gloss on and walked the restroom. I walked out and i accidentally bumped into someone and fell on top of my heels only to hit my head ow i said to my self i started to get up and say," im so sorry i should have watched where i was going " then i looked to see the one and only NIALL HORAN!!!! "It's okay sweetheart im sorry but are you okay?" He said in a sympathetic
Tone i was so surprised then i finally said something,"uhh yea im fine thanks but when I fell i hit my head really hard and now it hurts"i said truthfully "Oh my im so sorry" he said hugging me i hugged him back "Its okay" then he pulled away and i looked into his beautiful eyes the i noticed the gap between us is getting smaller and i realized his leaning in for a kiss the our lips met and sparks flew across the room and our lips moved in sync. Then my phone beeped and i pulled away regretfully and i noticed i got a message
From gisselle-
Wats taking u so long?!?!
To gisselle-
Oh srry im on my way
I told Niall i had to go and i walked away. As i walked away he ran behind me grabbed me from the waist and turned me around and kissed me one last time before he asked...............
*authors note*
Umm hey guys umm this is like my first fanfic so im sorry if its sucky or if its like boring but i hoped you guys liked so far ill update as soon as possible
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