One in a million

17 Year old Zoey and her best friend Leah have been waiting for backstage tickets. They wake up one morning and find that the competition is over and they didn't win the tickets. They go to their concert a few week later and someone can't stop looking at Zoey. They go to the signing after the show and the guard takes Zoey into a room and tells her to wait. Whats going to happen?


1. One in a million chances of that happening to me

Zoey's POV

I wake up slowly tired from going to bed at 3 in the morning. I rub my eyes and look up at the clock 10:30. Oh no the competition ended at 10. I jumped out of bed and ran to the computer. Being me I tripped over my own feet and ended up hitting my little toe on the cupboard and falling face first on the ground. I got up trying to ignore my toe I hopped to the computer and tried switching it on. "Damn it!" I yelled. The charger was on the other side of my room. And me being me again I ended up on the floor again. I quickly grabbed the charger and made my way back without falling. Success! I switched it on and it played the little welcome tune. It wasn't the best laptop ever so it took ages to load. I decided to grab my phone and call my best friend, Leah. I called her and she picked up annoyed. I must have woken her up. "Do you know if we got the tickets" I asked. "Shit" she yelled back. She completely forgot about the tickets. By this time my laptop loaded and I could finally open the internet and check. I looked and noticed that I didn't get it. My grin wiped of my face, like it was never there. I fell back on my chair. "So did you get the ticket?" I asked disapointed."No" she spoke back. "I'll see you later then." I said hanging up. I grabbed my toe wiggled it about and hopped downstairs. Being my clumsy self I missed the last step and fell. "You ok?" My mum yelled from the kitchen. This was not the first time that I had fallen down. "Yeah" I replied picking myself of the floor like nothing just happened. I pulled my phone and checked twitter and facebook. "Did you get the ticket?" My mum asked as she put my breakfast on the table. "No" I sighed and fell on the chair. I grabbed the spoon and started to mix my cereal. "I didn't make it for you to look at it" my mum complained. I ate slowly taking my time. I wasn't really hungry today. I tipped the bowl to drink the milk left over and yep I knew it, I knew it would happen. I spilled the milk all down my top. Can you be any more clumsier than me? I asked myself. I wiped my chin and placed the bowl in the sink. I went back upstairs to get a shower. I pushed my door open and walked in thinking a hurricane just came past. I wasn't a neat freak but I wasn't messy either. This was the worst my room has ever been. I walked through the piles of things on the floor not really knowing what half the things were. I made it to the wardrobe and picked out some cute clothes. I walked back out the same way I came in closing the door behind me. I walked in the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I didn't want my 4 year old brother walking in. His name was Kevin. Haha that name reminds me of Louis pigeon. I always call Kevin 'my lil pigeon' my parents didn't mine nor did he. My brother and I have a close relationship. We never fight. You might think that's strange but if anything was to happen to him I would give up my life for him. My life was perfect. And I don't think that there is anything that could make it better. I know I sound cheesy but its true. After I was done with all the girly stuff it was only 1 In the afternoon. I was going to meet Leah at 3 so I still had two hours. I walked to my room and thought I really need to clean this room up. The second I put my foot in, yep your guessed it. I fell. Wow like I didn't know that was coming. But there was no way to prevent this. I got up and looked at my walls filled with One Direction posters. I smiled and I started cleaning all the junk off my floor. I cleaned it just enough that I could see the carpet. I fell back on my bed. I was thinking what else I could do to pass time. Then I thought. "Video diaries" I yelled. I looked up and noticed Kevin standing there in the door way with a huge grin. He loved watching them with me. He loved Louis the most. I think we can all guess why. "Come here" I said quietly as I walked towards my laptop. I turned it on and picked him up and sat him on my lap. I went on youtube and we watched for the next hour and a half. We were both in stitches untill I looked down and noticed it was 2:30. Oh shoot. "Sorry I have to go we can watch more when we come back" I spoke quickly turning everything off, wasting no time. He nodded and ran down to my mum who just called him for his favourite show on TV. I grabbed my jacket, phone, keys and out the door I ran. I walked for 20 minutes and I finally got there "Sorry, Kevin and I were watching the diaries" I said feeling sorry she was waiting forme for ages.. We walked to the park that we had been going to for the last almost 10 years. We knew eachother since we were 5. It was the park that I went to on my birthday and met her. We were walking down the path that we always did every time we came. We knew every inch of that park. We were walking when suddenly I was on the ground and I felt a sharp pain in my leg. Leah looked like she was about to faint. I looked down and noticed my foot was facing the wrong way. This has already happened to me before. I was quite calm and then the world closed in on me.

I woke up looking at the white ceiling. I looked down to notice my mum and Leah standing on both sides of me. I looked down at my leg and it was already in a cast. Well at least I didn't have to be up for it being set back into place I thought to myself. I tried sitting up but I felt dizzy. My head fell back down on the pillow. This wasn't normal for me. "Thank God. The doctors didn't know if you were going to wake up." My mum said. I was quite confused. It wasn't like I got hit by a truck. I thought to myself. "It's 10 in the morning, you were out since 3:20 yesterday" Leah said looking down at me looking like she was going to cry. "The doctors diagnosed you with Leukemia." My said, her voice wobbling and then tears started pouring down her cheeks. I wasn't quite sure what to think about it all. "The doctor said that you have between 1-3 years left" Leah started crying. Then it all hit me at once and tears were pouring down my cheeks. 

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