One in a million

17 Year old Zoey and her best friend Leah have been waiting for backstage tickets. They wake up one morning and find that the competition is over and they didn't win the tickets. They go to their concert a few week later and someone can't stop looking at Zoey. They go to the signing after the show and the guard takes Zoey into a room and tells her to wait. Whats going to happen?


7. Meeting the boys

Zoey's POV

We were standing in an almost empty room. There was only a table in the middle of the room. I was walking around nervously. I tried turning around on my heels but slipped on the shiny floor. I looked up at Leah. Her mouth was open and she was looking at the door. I turned around to look at the door and noticed Zayn running towards me. "Are you OK?" He asked looking at me worried. "Yes. I'm OK. Are you OK?" I said with a straight face. He looked at me with a funny look "yeah" he spoke slowly. He picked me up and held me in a tight hug. I loved the way he hugged me. I looked up and noticed the boys and I quickly pulled away. "Oh sorry, guys this is Zoey. And Zoey you know who they are" he said as he wrapped his arm around me. "And this is Leah, right?" He said looking at her. Her jaw still hanging, she barely nodded. "Hey" all the boys said in unison. "O-o-oh my g-gosh! N-n-niall, L-liam, H-h-harry a-and Jenifer!!" Leah yelled as she jumped up making them all laugh after she called Louis Jenifer. She ran up to them giving them all a hug. She saved last for best. She hugged Niall and didn't let go. They were like this for about 10 minutes. They were standing there without a single movement. Both of their faces were buried in each others necks. They looked so cute. After several minutes I noticed movement, I looked over and noticed that Niall had picked her up and she had her legs wrapped around him. "Aww" I said accidentally making Zayn noticed. He looked over and then back at me. He still had his hand wrapped around me. He took his spare hand and brought it up to my face. He stroked my cheek then grabbed my chin gently bringing it towards him. I closed my eye's forgetting the world around me. Butterflies doing 360's. And something hot melting me from the inside. I felt his always plumb lips, this time a bit more moist then last time. I kissed him back ignoring the world around me. He slid his hand from my chin to the back of my neck and pulled me closer forcing me to sit on top of him. I was trying to sit on top of him without letting go of the kiss. We were sitting on the table and his legs were at an awkward angle making me slip. I tried one more time to sit on top, this time sliding off completely loosing his touch and falling on the floor. Everyone turned around and looked at me "Are y-" someone started before I interrupted them "Before anyone asks. I'm fine." I said leaving the floor and sitting back next to Zayn who was now laughing so hard that his face was turning red from the lack of oxygen. I punched him lightly on the shoulder making him stop and put his arm around. I knew how to ruin things don't I? I thought to myself. "Wow Zayn, I've never met anyone as clumsy as you!" Louis yelled making Zayn's face burn of embarrassment. He looked down at me with his lustful eye's.


Zayn's POV

I looked down at her. For a moment I was lost in her gorgeous green eyes . I forced myself to look away before joining in to the boys conversation. I could feel her still looking at me but I forced myself not to look back down at her. I looked over quickly at the movement by the door. I noticed a guard standing in the door way looking ahead. Not making eye contact with anyone. "You have to leave guys were closing the place, sorry" He said and walked back out giving us a bit of time to gather our things and leave."Will you stay with me tonight" Niall and I said in unison. We looked at each other and started laughing. "yeah" Zoey and Leah said at the same time again. What is this? I thought to myself. everyone's reading each others minds. I chuckled after I heard Zoey's giggle. I took her hand into mine and pulled her out to my car gabbing both of our bags while heading out the door. I opened the door for her and she jumped in. I locked the door behind her and walked around and took a deep breath. While breathing out I opened the door and jumped in myself. I turned on the radio and we both started singing. She had an amazing voice, so amazing I kept on forgetting the lyrics. Once we pulled up I got out quickly and jogged around the car to open the door for her. I grabbed the handle and pulled it open. She walked out like a queen. I stood there for a while looking at her. I finally snapped back and closed the door and locked the car behind me. I followed her into the house and she sat on the sofa. "Shall we finish the marathon?" she asked looking at me. I smiled and put on a scary movie. I sat down next to her and she cuddled up next to me. It was her birthday soon, she was going to turn 18. This means she doesn't have to live with her parents anymore. I started thinking intensly about her birthday, what I was going to do.Then she clicked her fingers infront of my face warping me back to reality 

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