One in a million

17 Year old Zoey and her best friend Leah have been waiting for backstage tickets. They wake up one morning and find that the competition is over and they didn't win the tickets. They go to their concert a few week later and someone can't stop looking at Zoey. They go to the signing after the show and the guard takes Zoey into a room and tells her to wait. Whats going to happen?


5. Concert (part 1)

Zayn's POV

I woke up with her phone still in my hand. I rolled over and fell off the bed. The shock immediately woke me up and I was up on my feet in seconds. I put the phone on the table in the living room and went back into my room to get ready.  The second I was done I grabbed my phone and Zoey's phone. I grabbed the house keys and quickly left. I decided not to be lazy and walk. I walked for about 10 minutes looking at her pictures the whole time. I looked up and noticed I was there. I walked to the front door and knocked on the door. I waited a few seconds looking around then I heard the lock turn. I looked up and saw Zoey's mum standing there. "Hello" she said with a smile on her face and before I could say anything "Zoey, someone's at the door for you" She yelled facing inside. She turned back around and smiled. She looked at me for a second and walked away. I saw her half way down the stairs and she tumbled down. I quickly run up to her almost tripping on the carpet myself. "Wow, are you OK?" I asked. I helped her up and she smiled. "Yeh im fine " she spoke and soon after started laughing at herself. " I fall down at least 3 times a day" She joked. Wow I have never met a person more clumsy then me. I handed her, her phone. She looked at me confused for a second. Suddenly she threw herself around my neck. "Thank you! I thought I lost it!" She shouted into my neck. "You left it at my house" I replied quickly. She grabbed my arm and pulled me upstairs. She sat me down on her bed. I was looking around at the walls filled with my band mates faces. I didn't even notice her sit down next to me. I bet if I stood against the wall I would blend in. I turned my head an so did she. We looked into each others eyes for a few moment. I leaned in closer to kiss her "ACHOOO" She sneezed quickly throwing her hands up to cover her mouth and nose. She looked up at me and laughed making me laugh harder than I already was. "Shall we try again" she asked still laughing. I nodded and it got silent again. I leaned in close and so did she. She closed her eyes and soon after I did too. Our lips bushed for a second "ZAYN!" I heard a little kids voice. We both jumped back and looked at the door.  A little boy started running towards me and hugged me. "Hi Zayn" he spoke loudly. He was the boy I seen in Zoey's pictures. "Sorry. That's my brother, Kevin" Zoey spoke pulling him off me. "He's a fan too" she spoke as she stood up. She grabbed her laptop and walked out with Kevin. She came back a few minutes later. "Sorry" she said once again. She locked the door and sat down next to me again. "Last time?" she asked with a sad expression. I nodded again and leaned in. Our lips touched for a moment and I waited for something to interrupt us. My hands found their way up to her hair. Her hands soon mimicked what my hands did and we were playing with each others hair.


*2 Weeks later*


Zoey's POV

I woke up quickly. I opened my eyes and closed them again not used to the light. I forced my eyes open and grabbed my phone. 'Hey, hope your awake! Can't wait for today xxxx' I texted Leah. I was supper excited an couldn't sit still. I have started all the treatment a week ago. But they said that it was OK for me to go. I jumped out of bed still not used to the feeling of having no cast on my leg. They took it off yesterday. I was cast free and crutches free. I quickly ran to the stairs and walked down taking baby steps. I didn't want to fall and hurt my leg again. After about 2 minutes I was finally downstairs. I started running again. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed my cereal, a bowl, milk, spoon and the pills that I had to take every morning. I sat down and quickly scoffed down the cereal and put the bowl in the sink. I grabbed a glass from the cupboard and poured the flavoured water in. I grabbed all the pills, put them in my mouth, grabbed the glass and swallowed a the whole glass in 3 gulps. I put the glass in a sink and ran upstairs. I grabbed my one direction hoodie and top. I grabbed a pair of jeans and socks and and underwear. I ran into the bathroom and dumped my clothes in a corner. I took a quick shower and put the clean clothes on. I brushed my teeth quickly trying to waste no time. The sooner we left the better. I bushed my hair quickly and pushed it up into a high pony. I put on a little bit of eye liner and ran back into my room. I grabbed the ticket, my phone and keys. I let the ticked hang off my neck with my keys attached to it. I put my phone in my pocket and left quickly.  I opened the door to Leah's house. We were at each others houses so often we didn't need to knock we would just walk in. I ran up to her room and she was on her laptop. She looked beautiful. Her hair was down and curly. She also done her make up properly. She looked up at me and jumped up "I thought you'd never come. She closed her laptop and pulled me behind her to where her dad was. "DAD! She's here! Lets go!" She yelled and grabbed his arm. She pulled us to the front door and let go of my hand. She grabbed the car keys and put them in her mouth to grab my wrist again. She sat in the back with me while her dad drove us there.

Half an hour later we pulled up and there was already a really long line. We quickly jumped out of the car and stood in line. We still had about 5 hours until the concert actually started. We were probably stood in line for about 1 hour when everyone started screaming and jumping. I looked up and noticed the boys came out with snacks for everyone. Once they reached us Zayn winked at me but didn't say that much. He didn't want me to get attacked by jealous girls. Once they gave out snacks they went back inside and the long wait continued. I pulled my phone out and texted Zayn. 'Good luck! <3' I typed quickly just in-case he wouldn't be able to get the text later. Seconds before putting my phone back into my pocket my phone buzzed. 'Thanks babe, love you<3' It was Zayn. 'I love you too' I quickly texted him back with a grin on my face. I slipped my phone back in my pocket and looked up at Leah who was standing there with her arms crossed putting all her weight on one leg while she tapped with the other one. "Who you textin'?" she asked laughing. I mouthed Zayn so noone else would hear. "awwwwe" she said while her arms flopped to the side. 4 more hours of waiting left. We kept the snacks till later. Not to sell them like other girls but because we ate not very long ago. If I wanted to make money by selling things that Zayn touched I would probably have nothing in my room or wardrobe.

4 Hours have passed and half the girls there were sitting on the ground. Including us. I looked up and all the girls started squeeling. I jumped to my feet and pulled Leah up. She had a confused look on her face untill she saw the line move forward. She grabbed my arms and started jumping up and down, I have never seen her so excited in my life! Her eyes were glowing like never before. She had the widest smile I have ever seen.

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