One in a million

17 Year old Zoey and her best friend Leah have been waiting for backstage tickets. They wake up one morning and find that the competition is over and they didn't win the tickets. They go to their concert a few week later and someone can't stop looking at Zoey. They go to the signing after the show and the guard takes Zoey into a room and tells her to wait. Whats going to happen?


3. Being with him

Zoey's POV

I woke up slowly with a smile on my face. It was glued to my face until I noticed I was still in this dump. I looked around and I noticed Zayn cuddled up on a chair. Wow was he here all night with me? So many thoughts going through my head. I got my phone off the table which was next to me and I decided to text Leah. 'OMG! He slept in the same room as me! I think im gonna die!' I sent the text quickly and realised my smile was back. Not sure how long its been there though. My phone suddenly started ringing loudly and vibrating as I got a text back from Leah. Crap I didn't turn it on silent. It scared Zayn to death. He jumped up from the chair and stood like a ninja. I laughed "Sorry" as I grabbed my phone. He looked at me and plopped back down on the chair. "You almost gave a heart attack" he breathed. I tuned my head to look at the door that was being opened. It was my mum. "The doctor said you can leave today" Then her head turned to Zayn whom she didn't notice before. He stood up and introduced himself. My mum was laughing and Zayn and I were confused. "I know who you are. Zoey can stop talking about you. 70% of the day Zoey, her brother Kevin, and her best friend Leah do something 1D related" She explained to him. I could feel my cheeks burning up. I looked at my mum with my please-stop-it look and she laughed at me and walked back outside. Zayn took the opportunity that we had alone for the next few minutes and asked me "Do you want to come to mine later? I can pick you up." he said as he ran his hand through his hair. " Sure that would be nice " I said while changing the ending in my head. It would be amaZAYN and I laughed. Then realised he cant read my mind and then I laughed again, leaving him with the most puzzled look. "Great I'll pick you up at 5" he said as he made his way to the door. My mum walked in and he walked out. I looked at her with the biggest smile on my face. She looked at me excitedly and she started grabbing my things. I got dressed and we left as soon as we could. I quickly grabbed my phone and started texting again ' OMG HE JUST ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO GO TO HIS HOUSE'. I slid the phone in my pocket and grabbed the crutches just to plop back down again after realising that he didn't know my name or where I lived or my phone number. Then he walked in. "Sorry what's your name?" Zayn asked awkwardly. "Zoey" I replied as the smile came back a 3rd time. "Wow what a beautiful name" he said as his smile grew. He walked closer to me and pulled my phone out of my pocket. He ran around laughing while I chased him on my crutches. I slipped again making one of the crutches fly and hit him and he fell too. I hopped to him and grabbed my phone from his hand as he slowly got up laughing. "Call me" he winked and walked out. I looked at my phone and realised he changed my back ground to a picture of him. I went into contacts and noticed he added his number in as 'Bradford Badboi' I laughed at the name and quickly texted 'Well hello 'Bradford Badboi' how are you xx' and quickly hit send as I slipped my phone in my pocket again. I picked up the crutches off the floor and followed my mum out the hospital. I threw the crutches in the back seat and hopped to the front of the car. I pulled my phone out as she started the car. 1 New message. I opened the text it was from Zayn. 'I'm good thanks Zo, you? <3' I felt butterflies flip in my stomach as I read 'Zo' He already had a nickname for me. Then I realised my mum was trying to get my attention. I looked over and she was laughing at me. "Stop thinking about him. Get your head out the clouds!" She said soon after she finished laughing. She pulled up outside our house. I quickly texted him 'I'm great thanks, still coming at 5? <3 xx' I asked making sure he was coming. jumped out the car and grabbed my crutches from the back seats. I my way straight into my room and plopped on the bed remembering everything that happened yesterday. The words my mum said echoed in my head 'The doctors diagnosed you with Leukaemia' I closed my eyes and a tear escaped running down my face and onto the pillow. I grabbed my laptop and shuffled in my bed to get into a comfortable position. It was 1 in the afternoon and Leah was at school. I decided to watch some of the 1D diaries. I clicked play and watched without blinking trying to look at all of them at the same time. But one boy was grabbing my attention more than anyone.


Zayn's POV

I got in my car and sat there for several minutes. I couldn't get Zoey's image out of my head. I shook my head and started the car. I drove to my house to get my house in shape for later. I pulled up outside of my house and I walked in still thinking about Zoey. Her long beautiful locks and those gorgeous green eyes. Those eye's you could drown in.I decided to go on facebook. I grabbed my phone and noticed a text 'I'm great thanks, still coming at 5? <3 xx' I read the message and my heart started beating faster. I replied quickly 'Of course! What's your surname beautiful?<3<3' I typed adding more hearts with each text. She replied within minutes and I quickly searched her name on facebook. I added her to my friends list and went through her pictures. She was so beautiful I couldn't not look. I spent about 2 hours looking at all of her goofy pictures. Just until I realised the place was still a bomb sight. It took me 2 and a half hours to clean and to prepare everything. I had half an hour to get there. I started rushing around grabbing my phone and car keys. I ran out the house and jumped into the car. It didn't take very long to arrive. All of a sudden a shiver went up my spine. I walked towards the door and lifted my hand to knock and I froze. What was I going to say or do? I quickly cleared my head and knocked on the door. She opened the door and I froze again. She had her hair up in a perfect messy bun, tracksuit bottoms and slightly stretched jumper. She walked out and I had my hand on her waist leading her towards my car. Half way there I stood on my own shoelace and went flying face planting the concrete. I stood up quickly my face bright red from embarrassment. We looked at each other and we giggled. The amount of times I fell over made me immune from feeling pain after falling over. I opened the door and she sat down while I took her crutches and put them in the back. I played the radio quietly while I sung over it. I could feel her staring at me and smiling. We pulled up outside my house and she opened the door for herself while I got out too. I grabbed her crutches from the back quickly and handed them to her as we made our way inside.

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