One in a million

17 Year old Zoey and her best friend Leah have been waiting for backstage tickets. They wake up one morning and find that the competition is over and they didn't win the tickets. They go to their concert a few week later and someone can't stop looking at Zoey. They go to the signing after the show and the guard takes Zoey into a room and tells her to wait. Whats going to happen?


4. Amitting to love

Zoey's POV

I took a step in and was suprised at how clean it was. I have never seen a boys house so clean before. I felt his gentle hand on my waist. "What do you wanna do?" he spoke quietly into my ear. "I dont know what did you plan" I said turning my head towards him. Our nose's milimeters apart. I felt my heart beat so fast I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. "What about..... a movie marathon?" He said inching his body closer. His lips brushed on mine for a split second and I felt myself melt inside. I felt his lips again, this time for a while longer. I dropped my crutches to the ground as he picked me and up and pressed me against the wall. I didn't want this moment to stop. But we both knew we had to breath some time. But now it was his decision. I couldn't pull away. Then the moment I was dreading came. He pulled away and an uncontrollable moan came out of my mouth. He smiled and leaned his forehead on mine while looking deeply into my eyes. He carried me to the living room and placed me down gently on the couch. He put on a movie and came and sat down next to me. Both of us couldn't take our eyes of eachother. Evertime I looked at him my heart beat got faster and faster. My eyes wider and wider. I never had this feeling, ever. After we were done staring at eachother we finally started paying attention to the movie. I layed my head on his chest feeling his heart beat almost as fast as mine. He wrapped his arm around me and stroked my arm with his thumb. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and decided to text Leah 'I have never felt like this before, this is amazing, I have never had these feeling for anyone xxx' I tapped send quickly trying to hide my phone so Zayn wouldn't see the message. I quickly slipped my phone back in my pocket and looked up at Zayn. He was looking at me and smiling. I hope he didn't see that text. "Who was that about" he said quickly pulling my phone out. I looked down quickly and said "you" before he found the text. He quickly read the text and looked at me. He wrapped both of his hands around me and squeezed me tightly. "Thats exactly how I feel about you" he whispered into my ear making my heart race faster and eyes get wider. If that was even possible. His heart felt like it was going to jump out any minute. It suddenly became silent. No background noise. No nothing. I looked up at the TV and the movie was finished. We didn't even realise we missed the whole movie and it has already ended. It was a long movie too. I looked at my phone to check the time it was 8:30 now and my mum wanted me home at 9. I looked up at him and his grin slowly disapeared. "What's wrong?" He asked immediatly. "I have to go. My mum wants me home at 9 o'clock" I said looking down at my phone. "Can't you stay longer?" he asked. "Do you want to make a bad impression?" I asked him letting himself answer the question. He looked at me for a few seconds, "fine" he said as he got up. He went back to where I left my crutches and gave them back to me. I hopped out to the car and threw the crutches in the back.


Zayn's POV

She sat down and I closed the door behind her. Her text kept on bouncing around in my head. Did she really mean it? I walked around and got in. I turned on the radio and WMYB came on. I immediatly started singing without even realising what I was doing. It was a reflex. I didn't notice I was singing until I saw Zoey laughing at me. I couldn't stop though. Before the song ended we were already there. She didn't live far from me. I came out of the car and walked around to the other side I took out her crutches and handed them over to her. I put my hand on her waist and guided her to the door while she looked deeply into my eyes. I stopped a foot away from the door and we both turned around to face each other. I smiled at her and lowered my head. Our lips met for a short moment. "hey guys had fun?" I heard Zoey's mum say. I instantly pulled away and Zoey moaned quietly making me laugh. She was perfect in every way possible. "I'll see you later then" I said hugging her. I didn't want to speak to her mum, I was quite embarrased at what she already saw. I walked back to the car and looked at her one final time before driving off. I didn't turn the radio on. I couldn't think straight. All I could think about was Zoey. I pulled up outside my house and went inside. I turned the TV off that I forgot to turn off earlier. I looked at the couch and saw a white phone. I was confused until I realised it was Zoey's. It must have fallen out of her pocket. I grabbed it quickly and went upstairs to my bedroom. I didn't bother doing anything and I just collapsed on my bed. I looked at the phone and unlocked it. I looked at the photos and saw a lot of pictures of her and im guessing her little brother. There was even more pictures of her and Leah. The girl that was with her in the hospital. I saw some videos of her being goofy with her friend saying "Hi im Zoey Malik" and then kissing me on all of her posters that were in her room. I drifted of thinking about her.

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