Simply Deceiving

That one woman that William Cale sees everyday may have an evil side to her.. What will happen when Helen reveals her true side and affects Williams life? Her appearance may be deceiving, but looks can soon kill. A terrifying horror story that will leave you frightened..


2. Two.

William was having another sleepless night due to his Insomnia. It was an unbearable sleeping disorder that millions suffered, but had learned to live with. It was very tempting to give Helen a call, but the digital clock read 11:32 P.M. Helen's appearance was still fresh into William's thoughts. Her tangly, white hair.. Her eyes.. and that feeling that she is someone that cannot be trusted. Whenever William had a lack of sleep, he went to the attic and looked through old footage of his previous wife, Meredith, who had passed away three years ago on June 6th, which was coincidentally the day of their two daughters birthdays, Kate and Julia. Kate was brutally murdered in July of 1985, while Meredith had possibly committed suicide due to depression. Kate's death was the worst. Looking through the autopsy, police had discovered that her stomach was ripped open, while her once hazel eyes were gouged out; hands twisted into a strange direction.. Teeth bashed out onto the floor where only her gums were visible. A horrible scene that nobody should ever witness. After Kate's death was announced, Meredith had went into a state of depression like mentioned before. She had learned to recover, but still committed suicide. There was no apparent reason to do it.. William began to pull down the photo of their wedding day, where Meredith was dressed in an ivory dress with visible spots of glitter on it. He lightly kissed the photograph, storing it away into the photo album filled with memories that dated back to the early 1930s. William wanted to watch another 8mm clip, so he went to the attic as he tip toed trying not to step on the old dog. The attic was filled with myriad amounts of spider webs, along with dust and spots of mildew beginning to form. "Good lord." William said to himself. "Must've cleaned this place back in 1989. How terrible." He searched for a dust mop, but there were no cleaning supplies. He was not a tidy person, so the thought of cleaning never hit him. The box of 8mm clips was in front of William. He began to peruse the names of the clips.

New Yorks Eve 1979, Swimming 1975, Trip to Grand Canyon 1980 and finally, the day of Kate and Julia's birth, June 6, 1981.

Turning on the projector, he played the New Years Eve party. It was the night everyone was highly intoxicated. There were several hippies in the video, while many of the partygoers were busy having their own makeout sessions. He still remembered the part of the video that he filmed himself with him and Meredith's first kiss.

"Alright guys, truth or dare?" one of the partygoers said.

"Dare." the young Meredith said.

"I dare you to kiss Will."

"And use your tongue!" a masculine voice shouted.

The kissing went on for a good minute, until the video was stopped.

The next video was Kate and Julia's birth. The whole experience was shot on camera. It was a very disturbing video showing the two coming out. William nearly fainted even watching in 2013.

"Two girls." the doctor said in the video. "Twins."

"Honey, I can't believe it." Meredith said. "We've always wanted twins."

"Hi girls." William said. "You'll watch this when you're older. You'll probably be a pair of rebellious little girls who will be disturbed watching this." the room erupted with laughter until the video suddenly stopped. The lightbulb in the attic went out.

"God dang it." William murmured. "I just changed the lightbulb a couple days ago.." He called it a night and went into the kitchen to grab a crossiant and glass of milk before struggling to fall asleep.

"I'm watching.." William heard a slight whisper coming from the attic. Ignoring the voice, he quickly ran down the hallway towards the bedroom. He began to cover himself in the warm, silk blankets. "You'll see.." the womans voice said again. It felt as if someone was laying in bed with William. The smell of a woman's aged perfume hit his nose. When William took a glance of the other side of the bed, there was no one at all.. Closing his eyes, it was the first time William had fallen asleep in months.

William's dream world began to form as piercing black eyes appeared. The sight of the set of eyes were unbearable to look at. They seemed to stare deep into his soul, taking every last inch of him.. The dark figure was getting closer and closer.. As William attempted to set one foot onto the floor, he noticed that he was locked up on a pure white mattress covered in blood stains. A woman appeared, licking her lips on top of the frail old man. She began to bite at his cheek and while she did this, every one of William's brittle bones began to break. All of the pieces began to surround the floor, creating a large pile of worthless trash that was once part of William. When he tried to speak, a gaunt, lifeless finger went onto the top of his chaped lips. "You're not getting out alive." the figure spoke. "Thou shall not kill.." the woman whispered. The figure vanished away as William began to open his eyes, only to be greeted by the brightness of the sun rising.

William could not look at Helen the same anymore. She sat at her regular table again; her eyes had faced the passing cars outside. He struggled to speak to her, but did it anyway. He was already finished with his coffee anyway.

"Excuse me sir, have you paid yet?" the waitress asked.

"Yes, I have. I'd just like to have a word with the woman over there." William pointed to the direction.

"Okay then. Have a great morning, sir."

Her gaze was set deep onto William. She began to place her bony finger onto him. "Why didn't you call me?" she lightly whispered. "I was awaiting your call.."

"Oh rats, I forgot all about it. I promise I'll call you tonight. I'm a very busy man, you know."

"I understand.. you don't think I'm appealing." Helen said.

"No, you're a very beautiful woman. It's just that I was honestly looking through old 8mm clips. I seemed to be too caught off guard, so I apologize for forgetting."

"The last man that said that got what was coming to him.." Helen murmured, taking another sip from her English tea. "You're not getting out alive for your motive.."

William recalled the dream. Those same words were spoken by the dark figure, "You're not getting out alive.." It sent chills down his spine, which made him feel very nauseous.

"Excuse me.." he said. William quickly ran to the bathroom, but it was too late. He threw up to what appeared to be blood.

"Sir, we'll clean you up!" a nearby waiter yelled. This caused the whole situation to make a scene with the whole restaraunt as some people left disgusted. Some of the employees tried to help William up. As they did this, William looked into the crowd as he saw that Helen was nonexistent now.. She had vanished once again.

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