Simply Deceiving

That one woman that William Cale sees everyday may have an evil side to her.. What will happen when Helen reveals her true side and affects Williams life? Her appearance may be deceiving, but looks can soon kill. A terrifying horror story that will leave you frightened..


6. Six.

William remained in a state of anger, slamming his car door while violently shoving the key into the ignition. "Dammit!" William growled, throwing his hand towards the radio. Strangely, every song had the same song.. It was Hurt by Johnny Cash; the same song that Meredith had listened to months before her death. Changing it to a different station, the exact song was on again. Finally, there was one station available. It was a talk show on the topic of paranormal entities. "Alright Pete, let's take another call from one of our viewers." the man said.


"Hello." the caller spoke.

"Hello, so let me ask you the question again.. Any freaky stuff happen lately?"


"Yes.. Years ago, my wife Jewel passed away.. Well, just a couple weeks ago.. I woke up in the middle of the night during the so called witching hour. I heard a knock on the door. I don't know why.. It was like a force was bringing me to the door. I answered it and a blonde woman was there clear as day. I asked who she was and she claimed that she was my wife.. and she wanted to kill me."


"Where are you from?" the radio host asked.


Silence. The man had hung up.


"Well, thank you for sharing, viewer. Any other callers will receive a free t-shirt courtesy of Paranormal Occurrences Radio."


The next morning, William turned on the television to discover a shocking story on the radio hosts.

"Police have discovered the body of Douglas Zeledon. According to officials, he was interviewed for a radio station called Paranormal Occurrances. Just this morning at approximately 12:00 am, the radio station was burnt to the ground. Officials say that radio station hosts Peter Munoz and Joshua May are currently suffering from third, possibly fourth, degree burns. They are currently residing at the Kellsburg Medical Hospital. More will be updated on this story soon."

William quickly turned off the television set, then rushed towards the Yellow Pages phone book to find Kellsburg Medical Hospital. It was located next to Walgreens and 7-11. Dammit, William thought to himself. What if he was denied entry? Rushing to the door to find his car keys, he was shocked at the sight of what appeared. The rotting body of the old Beagle dog, Lenny. "Oh Jesus, you sick son of a bitch!" William screamed, "Who in the hell would do this?!" He attempted to hide the body, but decided to clean up the mess later. "You'll pay.. you'll pay for everything." he muttered.


Entering the steel gates of the hospital, William began to feel a sense of forbiddance. "I hate hospitals.." William whispered to himself. He rushed towards the double sliding door. As he began to walk more and more to the front desk, he felt a cool gust drive past that slowly beckoned him in. Was it the same force that attracted him to Helen? If so, what was causing it?

The woman at the front desk set on a fake smile. "Hello, can I help you?"


"Yes, I'm here to see two of your patients. I believe their names are Joshua May and Peter Munoz."


"Sir, can I have your name?"


"I'm actually a friend of the two.." he lied. "I may not be on the list, but my name is William Cale."


"Sir, if you are currently not on the list, there's no use getting in. I apologize, but if you want, feel free to eat in our cafeteria which is open from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm." William decided to sneak off and find the two, going to the first floor to find a nearby computer. There were no nurses around, so he immediately found a desktop computer and clicked on a file that read Hospital Rooms. This is what he found:

"Patient Joshua Reynard May is residing in Room A12. Patient being treated for third degree burns by Doctor Christy Yang. Health is slowly worsening, while speech is decreasing. As well as Joshua's intelligence level."


He searched for Peter Munoz, only to find this in his file:

"Patient Peter John Munoz is residing in Room A07. Patient being treated for third degree burns by Doctor Raymond Davis. Peter is currently being given intravenous antibiotics and is slowly getting better. Unfortunately, the condition of Peter's skin has only gotten worse."


Turning off the computer, William skipped towards Joshua's room. "Room A12", his room number read on the door. He barged in, ignoring the sign that noted that gloves and a gown were required to enter. "J.. Joshua?" William stuttered, carefully closing the door behind him."


"Come in." it was a woman's cracking voice.


"Oh my god.." William placed his hand on his mouth seeing Helen in the room.


"I'm dying.." she groaned, coughing up a storm. "Won't you save me?"


"How did you get this room?!" WIlliam questioned. "Why in the hell would you do this?"


"Look behind you.." she said.


He looked behind him only to see Meredith's lifeless body hanging from the ceiling, wrapped in a brown rope. "Where did you get this?! I.. I'm calling the police! This can't be real!"

"Exactly, you imbecile. Do you not see the signs?" William was confused. He clearly saw that Helen was a deranged woman, but what was the mystery?


After blinking his eyes, reality came back to him. Helen was nowhere to be found, and the only person to be seen was Joshua. His burned face was heavily wrapped in bandages, while his whole skin was clearly burnt off.


"Joshua." William muttered. "Answer me. This is an urgent matter."


What are you doing here? William heard in his head. He must've been imagining it. It was impossible to talk to others without moving your mouth..


Joshua, are you talking to me? he said in his mind.


Of course. Look, I know what you're going through.


Young man, you do not know the dangers I am going through.


Oh yeah? Then how the hell am I talking to you without moving my lips?

It was true.


Just answer this, Joshua.. Who did this to you?


I can tell you.. but I need to ask you something.




Did you really have an affair with another woman?


I don't think it's any of your bu..


She bothers me about it constantly.




Meredith Cale.


How do you know her?


She's my great Aunt Sharon's cousin. I used to be on speaking terms with her. When I began researching paranormal shit, she started talking to me. She said she was killed..


She wasn't murdered. She commited suicide.


Not what she told me. She told me she was killed by a drunk driver.


Whatever you do, do not listen to her. That possibly cannot be Meredith.


The face matches her, dude. I saw her pictures.. But you know, there is something wrong with her at times.


There's something we both don't know, kid.. And how am I communicating with you like this?


I've had the ability to do this since I learned to speak. My psychotic mother always told me that speaking to the dead and living ran in the family.


Thank you for telling me. I now understand why I can read minds..


The correct term is telepathy, old man. Don't you have a wide vocab or something?


When I was young, I never really attended school. I always watched TV to get a clear understanding of words, so I never had an education..


I'm glad I can relate to you. What an odd conversation, but it was interesting talking to you.


When you have any other information.. Can we talk again?




Okay, and one more question, kid.




Who burned down the radio station?


It was her. That guys wife. I'm guessing that he wasn't supposed to tell anyone about her identity.


Then why is Helen trying to kill me? What does she want?


She wants you. Somebody could be in her body. Take your best guess. Be a detective.


Be a detective, William thought. Why was it so hard to figure out why Helen Mara was so delusional? Why is Meredith apart of this?


Joshua, another question.. Is it possible that my wife is kind of like a savior? Could there be a possiblity that Helen maybe summoned her to me to try and scare me, but Meredith is actually trying to save me?


That makes no sense.. But from what you did to her.. No. You stepped on her heart like it was NOTHING. Not trying to sound like my religious Uncle Lou here, but you do realize cheating is a sin. Meredith told me you were an asshole. She told me that one day, you'll regret all of your actions.. That your motive will be st..




The voices in his head faded away, quickly being replaced by the day of the affair. Meredith had come home from work.. She walked towards the sound of the bed shaking. The sound of the screaming coming from the hallway. "William.." she entered the room, finding a pair of lingerie. "I'll never forgive you.." she pushed William out, sending him to the floor with a loud thud. He tried to put his finger on her name.. Was her name Hope? Or Irma? No.. It couldn't be. Helen.. Her appearance came back to him. Her long, straightened hair. The multicolored eyes.. It was Helen.

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