Simply Deceiving

That one woman that William Cale sees everyday may have an evil side to her.. What will happen when Helen reveals her true side and affects Williams life? Her appearance may be deceiving, but looks can soon kill. A terrifying horror story that will leave you frightened..


7. Seven.

It was Helen, and as the thoughts began to slowly process through William's head, her seductive ways came back to him. The way she bit her lip.. The way she smiled when she lead him to the bedroom.. Helen Mara was the reason for the whole major screw up between Meredith and William. He tried to contact Joshua again.


Josh, I need to speak to you.


He immediately responded.


What'd you need?


I've discovered who the woman was I slept with..




The exact woman I was talking about.. Helen.


Dude, that's creepy.




Because I remember Meredith saying something about getting revenge for something you did in the past. She told me she was going to transfer into someones body.


Wait, whos body?


Not sure, but now that I think about it - it could be..


NO, DON'T TELL HIM! Meredith's voice was audible in the conversation.


H.. How did she get here?!


Don't you think about telling him.


Why? Meredith, I should tell him.


Just tell me why!


BECAUSE I SAID SO! I told you, bad decisions lead to a bad life.




Why should you listen to her, Josh? Meredith, you can't force him to speak to you. Leave the poor boy alone.


I will not listen to an old cunt like you. You cannot find out. Just keep searching all you fucking want, but nothing is going to come out of it.


Meredith, I should you sh..


Boy, you need to keep your goddamn mouth shut, Joshua. And William, I will NOT forgive you for that day. I cannot believe I continued to live with you after that day and SLEEP in the same bed as you. You are a damn disgrace.


You whore. Leave everyone alone, especially this boy.


He's a grown man, William. I will not leave him be. He's blood.




You illiterate fuck. Blood is family.


Get out. Get out, Meredith!


No. No. No. She repeated this until her voice soon began to give William a headache.


"Fuck!" William screamed as he came back to reality. He ran out of the hospital, briskly moving down the stairs. He needed to find out who Meredith wanted to transfer her body into.. Suddenly, it was obvious. Helen. She simply wanted revenge, and she was full of vengeance.


"You've figured everything out." Helen was behind him, blood visible on her face.


'What did you do?" William asked.


"Shut up. Get in the fucking car." she pushed William towards a four door Saturn. He attempted to escape, but there was no use. A sudden force had locked him into the car, pushing onto his neck as he began to have severe breathing problems. "Follow my rules." Helen demanded. "You never listen. Let me explain it to you.. We're going to go look for a body to transfer my soul into. This whores body reminds me too much of you."  The way she put emphasis saying you really gave her power. It really let her become an authority.


"You can't be Meredith."


'Believe it. It's me." he couldn't believe it. Meredith went so far to kill herself, then transfer her soul to Helen..


"What the hell is going on?" William asked.


"We're going to pay someone a visit at the cemetery." she began to speed up, going to a ridiculous speed of 162 miles per hour.


'Explain why we need to go to a damn cemetery!" William screamed.


"Paying my old enemy a visit.. Taking over her body."


"Who would that person be?"


"Someone younger.. Someone you love."


"God dammit, just tell me who it is!"


"Our daughter, Julia. Since it's someone you love.. I figured, why not?"


"You sick son of a bitch.. That's our fucking daughter! She has never done one thing to you!"


"I hate every last inch of her.. When she came into this world, I had to act like I was happy just for you.. But the stressful days of screaming and crying was enough for me. Her presence made me want to smother her in a pillow. I finally decided to kill Kate and keep Julia.. You know, let her live life for a while, but after she seemed to abuse it, I decided it was her time to go. I actually hired a hitman for Kate. He took care of her just well. Nobody suspected it was me. Of course, I can do whatever the hell I want with Helen's body. It's all mine."


"Why would you do this? You had the audacity to kill both of your daughters, but cover one of the murders by commiting this cold hearted act in Helen's body. You son of a bitch!" he sent spit flying towards Meredith's face, which forced her to swerve the car towards the side of the road. She crashed into a cactus, causing the cars windows to slightly crack. "YOU'LL REGRET DOING THAT!" she screamed. "What did I tell you? Follow the rules.."


"Let me get out of the car!" William begged. "Let me go!" he tried to release the seatbelt, but it began to push tighter onto him.


"Stop throwing a tantrum." she said. "Now why don't we go to the cemetery then pay a visit to the Devil's Mansion?"


"Let me go! Why aren't you going to listen to me?"


"Because I'm a whore to you." she replied. He tried speaking, but words wouldn't come out. It was similar to the sleep paralysis experience, only this was all happening.




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