Simply Deceiving

That one woman that William Cale sees everyday may have an evil side to her.. What will happen when Helen reveals her true side and affects Williams life? Her appearance may be deceiving, but looks can soon kill. A terrifying horror story that will leave you frightened..


4. Four.

Before going to bed after the whole incident, William's only living daughter, Julia, called from her university in Morgantown. "You've left me worried sick." William said, "How have you been doing at West Virgina?"

"Oh, it's incredible. The nightlife here is absolutely amazing." the sound of booming music filled the background as Julia's voice became more and more inaudible. William wanted to mention the memories that started to hit him about Kate, but he knew it was a touchy subject to Julia. "I don't want to hear about the nightlife, sweetheart." said William. "I would be interested in hearing about your major."

"Art history has been amazing." she said. Is that the only adjective she could use to describe College? William thought.

"So, it's been a great experience to say the least."

"Are your professors treating you well? Are you accustomed to his teaching meth.."

Julia rudely interrupted, "I'm sorry, dad. I have to go. I know I'm pretty old to be a jerk, but I'm making friends with this younger kids, got to go."

Before he could say a warm, loving goodbye, she hung up. "Good night, honey.." William said to himself broken hearted.

"I'm here...." he heard the slight whisper of a woman again, but learned to ignore it. "Meredith...... Merdith...."

"Who is it?" William curiously asked the apparition. "Honey? Is that you?" No response. "For the love of God, answer me you son of a b.." he heard a scratch on the wall, which signaled the possible arrival of the figure. The light had mysteriously turned off which scared William to think that there was an intruder also. "I have a gun!" he cautiously strided down the hall being aware of the surroundings. He impelled himself towards a terrible aroma that he began to smell, but advised himself not to do it.

"Now.." the voice quitely whispered. "Come here now.. come here now.. Come here now!" the voice grew to an ear pounding sound, which began to cause the whole house to shake.

"Who the hell are you?! Get out of my goddamn house!" William pleaded. "I have done no harm! No harm!"

Before he could take another step, he woke up on top of his own welcoming bed. When William tried making a move, none of his body parts could stand up. Even when he tried to scream, nothing came out. The symptoms were clear. It was sleep paralysis. William had tried to think about the possible causes of it, but there was no time to think. Helen had suddenly appeared as William's eyes tried to stay shut. She had a knife in one and a piece of woman's lingerie in the other. "Why did you do it?!" she screamed. "Who would do this?"

When William tried speaking, nothing but cold, worthless air broke out.

"You know you're going to regret your motive, you sick bastard." she began to point the knife towards William's throat. She carefully made an incision, making a straight line from his throat all the way to his stomach. "It's time to cut open the stomach just like our unborn child, you sick ungrateful son of a bitch!" she said with an indignant expression. "Burn in hell! Burn in hell!" As soon as she repeated this, Meredith suddenly entered the room as the two repeated the same chant again and again.

"See you in hell, William Marcus Cale." Before they said another word, he officially woke up covered in sweat. The dream all came back to him. The two women singing the same tune over and over as William had begun to feel a headache.

William wanted to call Helen, but knew she was dead. He wanted to find out what would happen if he attempted to call, so he rummaged through his cabinet trying to find her number. He finally found it and called. He thought a relative would answer. Before the phone could ring twice, there was someone on the line..

"Excuse me, I know Ms. Mara is deceased, but I'd li.."

"Hello." it was Helen's voice. How in the world could she be alive? William thought. It was highly impossible. He had watched her fall off the 100, possibly 200, foot cliff as her bloody remains hit the road.

'This certainly cannot be Helen.." William said. "This is a sick joke. For the love of God, the woman is deceased.

"God's not here." she said. "The devil is here running a business.. and don't assume things. I have my ways."

"I am not going to believe this until I see it!" William shouted.

"Meet me at Black Bear, you incompetent fool. And you better be there, you sick bastard." she hung up as William grew shocked. It could be a complete coincidence.. but she said the same remark during the sleep paralysis episode.. And Meredith had talked about motives.

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