Simply Deceiving

That one woman that William Cale sees everyday may have an evil side to her.. What will happen when Helen reveals her true side and affects Williams life? Her appearance may be deceiving, but looks can soon kill. A terrifying horror story that will leave you frightened..


5. Five.

"No excuses", the Dean said with a disciplinary tone, "You have been showing a very careless work ethic." Julia was teary eyed from the whole quarrel. She could no longer manage a perfect grading era. "S.. Sir.. What am I supposed to do? I have become occupied with the stressful College life again." "Julia, the only option for you would be an adult school." He said, clearing his throat. "Perhaps the Monongalia County Technical Education Center.. Or the West Virginia Junior College. It's up to you. This is the last straw." "This is preposterous!" Julia jumped up from her chair, "One more chance would be great! I just want to make something out of myself.. And besides, those colleges will not fulfill my Art major. This is so ridiculous!" "That is redundant." The Dean said with a smart ass attitude, "You cannot use preposterous and ridiculous in the same sentence. Ridiculous is a synonym of preposterous.. You've learned that in your grade school days. I recommend you do leave my office." Julia could've cussed up a storm by repeating the same obscenities over and over, but she had no time for him. She simply left the office, leaving her binder on his desk "Er.. your binder, Ms. Cale?" "I'm leaving it here." She couldn't resist the burning urge to curse, so she held up her middle finger and said, "Fuck you", then walked away like a soldier coming home from battle. She went to the front of the building only to be stopped by her best friend, Destiny. "Baby!" she shouted, embracing Julia into a hug. "Come on, let's go for a drive so we could listen to some badass lyrical geniuses." She told Destiny the whole situation. She just laughed it off while placing a Camel cigarette into her mouth. She then went on to discuss teen angst. "You see, young lady." Destiny mocked the Dean, Frank Peterson's, voice. "You see, perhaps you should seek guidance from a counselor.. you never know.. Stressful lifestyles can lead to terrible results. We wouldn't want that, now would we?" she laughed it off, popping a CD in and turning to stereo up. It was one of her favorite songs, "Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers." She always referred to the song as lyrical gold. The song started off with the words, "How long, how long will I slide.. Seperate my side.. I don't.. I don't believe it's bad. Slit my throat.. it's all I ever.."  Then the song erupted into a kick ass guitar solo as Destiny had called it. "What'd I tell you? This song is meaningful. It brings life to our friendship, you know." I could tell she was a bit drunk, so I offered to drive. "I guess." she agreed. "Gives me time to do my signature headbang, baby." After about three more songs by a band called Nirvana and a song by Nickelback. (Destiny called their songs pussy, but she still has them on her iPod). "Here already?" she said. "Care to spend the night?"

"Nah, but Facetime me tommorow morning. Maybe we could go somewhere."

"Sounds swell." she sarcastically said mimicking Mr Peterson's tone, "See you, coke sniffer." Then she took off, sending Julia to turn into the direction back home. It was a calm and peaceful drive just listening to public radio, until the car was sent to a halt. In the middle of the road was an old woman. Lost, crying. Perhaps abandoned from her home. Julia got out the car, putting on her brown suede jacket due to the cold conditions. "Excuse me." Julia called out. "You need to get out the road. There's car coming and I definitely do not want you to get injured."

"H.. help." she murmured, sending chills down Julia's spine. "He.. he broke my heart. He.. he killed me."

"What are you talking about? Julia asked. "Please tell me."

"You're just like your father." she went off topic. "He was a bastard, but you seem like a peculiar young girl.."

"Okay, say no more. Get in the car. I'm getting help.

"Just.. like.. your father." she repeated. "So young. so, oh, so young."

Julia walked towards Destiny's house, but the woman pulled her leg. "Dammit, do you want help?! Let go of me, you old.." Julia fell to the ground, resulting in a bloody mess. "Ah.. HELP!" Julia screamed. "You old bitch! Let go of me!" she attempted to bite at her, but was surprised when she felt a slap to her face.

"You'll be with mommy.." Helen repeated. "Just.. like.. mommy."

"Please leave me alone! You sick asshole! Let go of me! What the hell have I done to you?!"

"Everything." she replied, dragging Julia towards a nearby field. "What are you going to do to me?!" she screamed.

"Everything." Helen said again. "Everything you could possibly imagine in that little thick skull of yours." Julia tried to do everything from kicking to screaming. Unfortunately, it didn't work out so well. "You'll be with safe mommy.. Safe with me.. Safe with me.." she repeated. When Helen spoke again, Julia made a run for it, going towards Destiny's house as she quickly began to run out of breath. "Destiny!" she screamed from outside the house banging on the door. "Help! Open the door!" As Helen began to approach her, Julia broke the window in an attempt to get help. Climbing in, Helen attempted to grab Julia's leg, fighting to get the young girl all to herself. "Come with me.." Helen muttered. "To the other side.. with mommy." Julia kicked her directly in the jaw as she ran to the first phone she spotted. She first dialed 9-1-1, but it kept constantly ringing. "God dammit!" Julia blurted out. She made a desperate attempt to call her dad, crying in the process. He answered to the fourth ring. "DAD!" Julia cried. "She's here! There's a lady here and she's trying to kill me! She said she kn.." Julia immediately stopped talking as Helen slowly wrapped the phone wire around her neck, sending her to suffocate to the ground. "Julie! Julie, answer me now!" William screamed on the other line. "I did." Helen responded, then hung up on William, dragging Julia outside then stepping on her neck to make sure she was dead. "Safe with me.." Helen whispered, slowly lifting her hand towards Julia's heart. Helen went to the bedroom to make sure Destiny was dead as she pulled her eyelids down. "She looks more.. precious." Helen whispered. "Sweet child.. sweet child." She pulled the knife out of her eyelid, then dragged her to lay next to Julia's cold, lifeless body. "With me.." she said. "With me, we shall live. Come to mother. I know best. Mother knows best.." she said, sitting down while repeating a series of chants. "Sweet child down to hell.." she sang. "Oh, make me cry. Make me cry.."


The next morning, the police officer responded to the 9-1-1 calls that William sent, tracking where Julia went.

"She's definitely at her friend's house. Sir, how'd you know this information?"

"I just know. Now tell me what happened to my daughter!"

"Sir.." the office pulled off his hat, "We found her murdered alongside her friend. Body found with some bruises and a crack in her head. Apparently, her neck.." the officer stopped once he realized William was crying. "My condolences, sir."

"You don't understand!" William shouted, "My other daughter was murdered! Now I have to deal with death again?! What the hell am I supposed to do?"

"Sir, I suppose we could finally a really luxurious retirement.."

"Don't give me any of that retirement home bullshit!" William interrupted, "She was the only thing I had! What do I do? What do I do?!" he began to hit his head on the police car.

"I understand your pain." the officer quitely replied.

"You don't know shit!" William replied. "All of your goddamn officers aren't worth the air I breath. They knew my daughter called and you ignored due to lack of operators?!" William screamed in frustation. "And I will certainly NOT apologize! You are a worthless piece of crap! I cannot believe the scum they call a POLICE TEAM!" the officer walked away to investigate further into the case, leaving William to a fit of rage. "Why me?!" he struggled to yell. "Why me?! What the hell did I do wrong? Is it time to pay since.." he stopped himself, bringing back the bad memories with his wife. The affair, he thought to himself. The way he slept with another woman without Meredith having any knowledge of it..

"Sir." the officer interrupted. "According to the officers, there was no sign of anyone in the house except the two girls." he said. "We will find out who commited this sick act of murder. You deserve justice."

"You dirty scum." William muttered. "Hope you die in a goddamn car accident." The search went on to find the murderer, sending William in a violent feeling of absolute rage..

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