Simply Deceiving

That one woman that William Cale sees everyday may have an evil side to her.. What will happen when Helen reveals her true side and affects Williams life? Her appearance may be deceiving, but looks can soon kill. A terrifying horror story that will leave you frightened..


8. Eight.

The car ride to the cemetery sent William into a deep sleep, but once the car came to a stop, he woke up to hear the door slam as Meredith dragged herself towards a nearby gravestone. He couldn't believe it.. His eyes spotted Julia, her body splattered with spots of blood. "Julia!" William yelled, seeing her in the corner of her resting place.. She was alive, but her skin was more pale than usual and her eyes were a magnetizing shade of charcoal.

"We're going to complete this transformation.." William heard Meredith chant from outside the car. "Rise!" Meredith commanded. Julia obeyed the order as she slowly began to stand in the position of a soldier. William tried getting out of the seat to try and find help, but somehow, the seatbelt was still tightened.

From the sky, the clouds seemed to be forming an awful storm. When Meredith began to motion her hands, the clouds shifted to the right as she began to chant out an arcane series of hymns in a foreign language. Finally, she translated half of what she said to English. "I SAID TRANSER THE SOUL INTO MY BODY! TRANSFER THE SOUL, TRANSFER THE SOUL!" she screamed, forcing Julia to come closer to her body. It was as they were both forming into a deformed siamese twin..

While Meredith and Julia were both participating in the soul transfer, William tried to contact Joshua again.

Joshua, you need to help. I'm at the Mary Anne Hills Cemetery right now and Meredith is attempting to transfer her soul into our own daughters body!"

He immediately responded.

What?! Whatever you do, do not interrupt the process. Under any circumstances, you NEED to stay in the car.


Because if you don't, the soul will roam free into the world, which means all hell breaks loose. Only the participants in the soul transfer are permitted outside.

What does that mean?..

Just stay in the damn car!

And let me ask you this.. What in the hell is The Devil's Mansion supposed to be? Some sort of cult?..

I have to do it then..

Do what?

I'll join you at the mansion. For the love of god, she's going to kill you! I have to kill myself in order to join you.

Once Joshua finished his sentence, Julia's body unexpectedly shot up from the ground. From the car, he saw the whole scene.. Helen's neck was broken, while her body was left on the ground like a ragdoll. "You're next, old man." It was Meredith, but she was in Julia's body..

"Wait, what are you going to do to me?!"

"I'm going to murder you.." she said, unexpectedly taking out a handgun. "This wont hurt one bit.."

"Wait, you can't!" William screamed as his cry for help was replaced by the sound of the bullet entering his chest. He was finally dead.


William began to notice a gothic style mansion decorated with a recherché red and black wallpaper, while the staircase was shaded in with an appropriate color that fit the whole scene— an achromatic staircase that made the whole place stand out. To the left of him, he noticed Julia standing in the same soliders position she was in during the soul transfer. She clearly wanted revenge. The blood from earlier was still drenching her white dress, which gave William the impression that somebody was recently murdered. "Come meet our new blood!" Julia shouted as an older woman around the ages of 50 to 60 entered the room. "Odd looking creature." she said. "How'd you kill him?"

"Gun. You know, this was the exact gun that was used to kill me." Julia said. "You probably remember that day, William."

"Where am I?!" he asked. "Where the hell am I?"

"This is The Devils Mansion, William." the older woman announced. "I'm Teresa Cale. I do believe your name is William Cale."

"How the hell did I end up here? I thought you killed me, Meredith.."

"I did, but since you're in the Cale family, your body is transferred here to spend eternity with us.. It's kind of like Heaven."

"But it isn't." Teresa added.

"I don't get it.. This is impossible."

"Nothing is impossible, William. You always think everything is a work of pure fiction, but it isn't. Everything you see here is real.."

"And you have a family to spend eternity with, so you shouldn't be arguing about it." Teresa said. "You'll get to meet them during supper. I do believe they're all upstairs."

"Who are you?" William asked.

"Me? Well, I apologize for not telling you.. I'm your cousin. Don't you remember? The whole story about the girl who commited suicide just to join all of my relatives at the one and only Devils Mansion."

"Then how did Julia not end up here? We had to go to the cemetery and.."

Teresa interrupted, "You silly sonuvabitch.. That's where Julia enjoys to slumber. Didn't Meredith tell you that she was tired of Helen's body and wanted a younger soul? So, they both arranged the whole soul transfer.."

"And since I have a new soul, why don't we celebrate with a bottle of the finest champagne?" she began pouring the alcoholic drink into glasses while humming to a familiar song. It was Hurt by Johnny Cash.

"To new blood.. William Marcus Cale. And my new soul!"

"Cheers!" Teresa shouted. "You mustn't drink so much before supper.. Holden!" Teresa squawked. Without another word to be said, a pale faced boy around 15-16 came from upstairs with a sullen expression. "Yes, Grandma Teresa?"

"Call everyone downstairs. I do believe supper will be ready in a bit."

"Yes, ma'am." he said amicably.

"Oh, Holden is a joy.. His mother wanted to name him after Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye. What a wonderful piece of literature.."

"How do I get out of here? Please, just let me go!" William begged.

"You're not leaving.. The only place you will travel to is the cemetery. Other than that, you must be a trusted soul to be in the presence of a different location."

"How do I become a trusted soul?" William asked.

"You must wait for 2 year to pass. Or you can simply speak to Claudia and try to persuade her, but she doesn't just make anyone a trusted soul."

"Where is this Claudia?.." William curiously asked.

"I do believe Claudia is upstairs with the rest of the family." said Teresa. "Holden, I told you to get everyone ready for supper! Remember to seat the table, dear!"

"Yes, Grandma Teresa!" Holden shouted. Behind him, several others appeared. "This is your family." Teresa said. It was every deceased relative that William knew. There was his grandmother, his mother, his father, his father.. And his Aunt Kathy, who was dressed in a yellow sundress. The same sundress that was worn by her at her funeral, which sent a creepy feeling throughout the room.

"William Marcus Cale." his mother cried out, confronting him with a smile spreaded across her face. "Why didn't you join us all sooner?"

"What do you mean?" William asked. "I was never aware of The Devils Mansion. Should I have.."

"Shh.. no more." his mother said. "Go to the dining room with the others.. Supper will be ready momentarily. Was it possible that this was all in his head? Although when he tried blinking, everything was still the same. It was all so real.. It is real, William thought to himself.

"Are you coming?" Teresa asked, a bottle of champagne in her hand.

"Y.. yes." William stuttered, slowly walking into the dining room. Inside was a room full of his relatives, including some that he didn't recognize.

"I do believe it's time to introduce the family to William." Teresa announced. "First of all, this is Henry." she said, pointing to a heavyset boy around the ages of 11 to 12. "And this is Lucy." she said, pointing to a shorter girl around the ages of 12 to 13. "Well, there's too many to count." Teresa laughed, causing some of her alcoholic beverage to spill to the floor. "Speak to them all. They've all been awaiting your arrival." She exited the room, bringing in an African American woman with an elegant atramentous evening dress with rhinestones that covered the front. It seemed to bring out her features.

"This is Claudia." Teresa said. "Although Claudia isn't considered to be blood, she's family to us. She was the woman that founded The Devil's Mansion."

"Sit. I will tell you the story." Claudia said. She started it off, "It all started in the year 1861. It was the year that I was born into slavery.. Now, I know it is illegal now.. But back then, it was normal for the white souls to torture a black soul. They called us the black souls, or rotten souls. The white people were known as the white souls, which were considered the good souls. To continue my story, I was given a slave owner. He was a wealthy one too. His name was Thomas." She stopped, taking a sip of the alcoholic beverage from her glass. "To continue, I was beaten by him a young age.. He was the man that killed my mother and siblings with his bare hands.. A horrible scene.. This was when my Mama was three months pregnant with my brother. I was awaiting his arrival, but the sick man ruined my brothers chance to see the world. I recall that Thomas was the one that raised me. He still continued to beat me.. And whenever I was fed, I was given the leftover food from his fancy dinner parties.. One day, Thomas beat me to my death.. I ended up dying. When I died that night, I suddenly felt a bright light hit me. Suddenly, I woke up. I was able to move for some odd reason.. Then I realized— I couldn't die. For the next year, I haunted Thomas which resulted in him suffering a heart attack. The sick man got what was coming to him.. Bit him right in the butt. After his death, I remember hearing something about a man who could see spirits.. Recall seeing an article about it in the town newspaper. People thought he was crazy and nobody believed him.. His name was Marcus Cale, which is now your middle name. I believed in his power, so I found the cottage he was staying in and walked into his house.. Right at that moment, he saw me.. For the next couple of months, we developed a love for each other. Marriage was an option, but since I was a slave, we couldn't do it.. I had an idea, so I told him we could stay at Thomas's house since the sick bug was dead. To end the story, we discovered that it was possible for him to impregnate me since he had the ability to see spirits as normal humans.. He was like a ghost himself. The three beautiful children we had were named Sally, Sue, and Marcie. Over the years, they had children themselves and soon, the family grew.. It founded the whole Cale family. So, I'm not really family.. But I did have children with your greatest of uncles, which was Marcus of course."

"This can't be real.." William murmured, "How was I not aware of this?"

"I'm sorry, William.. But you will be safe here. Although I am disappointed in the affair you had.. But I can relate to you.." Claudia said, crossing her arms with an angry expression placed onto her face. "I didn't finish the whole story.. Sadly, Marcus did have an affair with the maid. I guess you took after him.."

"I'm sorry to hear this, but you don't understand.. Everything was falling apart. I needed someone to turn to comfort.. and.."

"Enough. I am not done telling you the story of The Devils Mansion.. The reason for your ability of telepathy is simple. Before Marcus was brought into this world, his greatest of grandfathers sold his soul to the Devil himself.. Thus the name. He told the Devil himself.. I shall wish.. For future generations of my blood to become immortal.. They shall live happily and peacefully in this world.. They will live peacefully in a location of their choice.. They will have the ability to do anything they can.. Just like myself.. I want them to have the power of telepathy. Anything their hearts desire. So, Marcus and I had decided it was going to be Thomas's fancy home. It was pretty spacious too.. The name of the place is quite odd, but the name was engraved everywhere in the house for some peculiar reason.. Had a nice ring to it. Enough of that. I'm guessing you'd like to know why came here after your death."

"Yes, just tell me!"

"Don't you get impatient, darling. Well, it's simple. I inherited this home, which means Marcus and I had the ability to do anything we wanted to do. Marcus made it so those from the Cale family that pass on will have access to the mansion. You know, you should be lucky that you have these abilities that you were never aware of. When others pass, they take the body of an animal or a tree.. Sometimes they evolve into soil that that helps this Earth grow.. Any of Gods creation is what a regular person will turn into, unless they sold their souls.. Which resulted in the death of Marcus's grandfather."

"But Claudia, you need to research all of this.. Delve deeper into the story.. This all isn't making sense."

"But honey, I shouldn't be worrying about that.. Like I said, you should be glad that you're here." she said, aiming a wink towards William. "Enjoy your stay."

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