The Lucky One

Little ol' Becca is known for her stubborness and her serious problems of having bad-luck for the rest of her life

But Karma decides to turn it around,
and she did not appriciate it
(Of Course, she was stubborn)

You may think winning the prize to be an assistance of The biggest boy-band in the world (Yep, you've guessed it) might be the once-in-a-life time oppurtunity;
it's not.

With drama,love and boys on her way, she starts to like on what she had earn

Will she keep it up?


1. The Prize


You can do this Jeanna.

No you're going to loose genius!

No I'm not, I can win this thing. I'll tell Bella I won and that I don't give up easily. Yes Jeanna, be optimistic!


Fuck, fuck, fuckery, fuck. That's it.

I lost.

I cursed under my breath so loudly, maybe the person next to me may hear it.


"Number 301? Are you there?"

My head bob up and grinned, this could be my last chance.

"Well, okay. Moving on to the next one..."

As the EmCee dipped his hand in the box picking a number,

now lets repeat this from the start.

Breath in.

You can do this, you'll win

Proof to Bella I won and tell her I'm not a loser.

Breath ou-

"Now again, number...214!'

Holy shit.

Holy mother of Jesus.

I WON THIS SHIT BABY! For the first time I won a prize.

I ran up to the stage excitedly to the stage, nearly tripping over some of the very-so disappointed girls.

I turned to the EmCee, grinning so wide my lips are about to rip.

"Well, congratulations..?"

The guy raised his eyebrows waiting for my respond.

"Jeanna." I said firmly and quick, being proud of my self.

"Jeanna," he repeated my name, "You won a ticket to the UK London where you'll meet and be a private assistance of the biggest boy band of the world.."

I stared at him in confussion


Everybody clapped, but me;

I was frozen.

No wonder they were all girls.

But I couldn't move, as the darkness take over me.





[A/N: Huy guys..Hope you like it :) Now if I made a mistake or anything I apologise because this is my first fan fic ever. ENJOY :D]






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