Teenage Dirtbag

Just when you think your life it coming around and everything is going to be alright, the worst happens. You love and you loose. When he comes around he makes you feel different, you get butterflies, sparks, hot and numb. Suffering the consequences of the past and trying to fix your future. Can she do it?


2. Chapter 2

When I walked into the office a man turned and our eyes met “Hi Jackie” he said smiling “Wh-why are you here?” I asked him confused stepping closer so no one would hear our conversation. “Your sister told me that you went to school here. And that I should take you out to lunch.” he smiled gently; I glared at him and then grabbed his sleeve “We both know that’s not why you’re here.” I said into his ear. His eyes trailed down to my neck and I raised my hand to cover his marking “Don’t be shy…it looks good on you” I shook my head and then pushed him away “Could you please leave” I said quietly “I’ll see you later Jackie” he said before squeezing my hand and leaving the office. I stood there motionless until an office worker came up behind me and tapped my shoulder. I jumped and she giggled “Sorry I’m just telling you that you should be getting back to class” I turned and smiled at her “Yea okay” I began to walk away but she stopped me “Whoa, you need a pass." I nodded my head and then grabbed the pass after she wrote it "Have a nice day Jacklyn" I smiled before rushing back into the classroom and sinking into my seat.

When 3 finally rolled around I gave Stacie a hug goodbye and then walked out to the parking lot. “Hey babe” Noah said walking up to me and then wrapping me in his arms. “Hi” I responded softly “You okay?” he asked putting his strong arm around me and then leading me to his car, “No not really but I don’t want to give you stress before your big day” I smiled and he nodded “Thanks” he said before going around the car and getting in leaving me to get my things and get in by myself. “So…um…are you excited?” I asked as he started his car, “You could say that” “What does that mean?” “Well, I’m more nervous…than excited” I nodded my head pretending to know what he was talking about…but honestly that’s what I always did. Noah never wanted to hear my problems let alone deal with them, so I never really told him anything. “Well I think you should know that I’m going out with a frien- someone tonight.” I corrected myself this guy; Niall was not my friend, I actually don’t know what he is. “Who?” Noah questioned I looked at him and remembered the last time that he got mad at me, his hands were clenched around the driving wheel causing some veins to bulge in his hand and forearm. “A guy I met last night.” I said softly “I thought you were at home sleeping?” “I was, but Olivia was having a party so I went down stairs to ask her to tone it down and I met…well he met me more really. But anyways the point is Olivia told him that I was free tonight and that we could go out to dinner…as friends” I nervously looked at me knees and then rubbed my hands together. Noah groaned and then he pulled into my driveway “We can talk about this later. Call me when you get home tonight” I looked at him shocked, no shouting no yelling….no hitting. I smiled and then gave him a kiss on the cheek before jumping out of the car. Surprisingly he sped away, I shrugged it off and pranced inside. I went up to my room and put on a pair of flare jeans with a pink scoop neck, I added a brown belt and then some white vans. I ran a straightener through my hair and then put some mascara and eyeliner on. I heard the doorbell ring and I looked at the time…4…he was early. I reluctantly walked downstairs and answered the door. Instead of him being there, I looked down and saw flowers…rainbow roses…my favorite. I picked up the vase and looked around but there was no one I walked back inside and closed the door locking it. After placing the roses on the coffee table in front of the couch I sat down and looked at them. I saw a small piece of paper poking out of the top and grabbed it. ‘Jackie, Can’t wait to see you tonight –Niall’ I shivered and then crumpled the paper and threw it across the room. I decided to shove something into my mouth just in case I wasn't actually going out to dinner. I grabbed a banana and some other fruits and then cut them up making a fruit bowl. I went and turned on the t.v and began to watch Big Bang Theory.  I looked out the window and saw a white range rover pull up, I shoved the rest of the fruit in my mouth and then ran to the mirror and checked myself…wait why did I care? I answered the door before he could knock or anything “Well someone is eager” “Yea eager to get this over with” I said smugly.

Niall pushed past me and into the house placing himself on the couch “You like this show?” he asked me “Mmhmm” I responded going and sitting down on the couch away from him. He laughed at something that Sheldon had said, his laugh it made me smiled it was so bubbly and care free…contagious. He noticed that I was smiling and he looked at me my smile instantly disappearing. “I see you got my flowers” he said looking at the roses and then tracing one of the petals with his thumb. “Yea” I responded nerves still running through my body, “Good…would you like to go now?” I nodded and shut the telly off following him out the door. When we got to his car he opened the door and then gently helped me into the car. “You okay?” he asked me slightly smiling, I nodded but still didn't smile.  He locked my door and then walked over to his side quickly…as if he was afraid I would run. When he pulled out of the driveway I couldn't help but look at his arms and how they moved as he turned the wheel, I looked up and noticed he was looking at me, I quickly looked away out the window. “Your sister told me that you’re 16” I nodded my head twiddling my thumbs “How ol-old are you?” I asked struggling to get words out. “Almost 19” That statement sent fear coursing through my body. He was scary because of how he looked, how strong he looked and how easily he could break me, but his smile and his laugh and his eyes made me believe otherwise. He had a strong scary manor but I got the feeling of something else rather than strength I felt like he cared about me something that Olivia had only ever showed me. We pulled up to a park by the water, Niall jumped out and I tried to open my door but remembered he had locked it, Niall stuck his hand out and helped me out of the car. “Thanks” I muttered he took me under his arm and then we started walking down a path. “Where are we going?” I asked him, he pulled me closer under his body and chuckled “Don’t worry about it love” he told me. His arm around me made me feel scared but as we passed by some sketchy people he would hold me tighter and closer to him, giving me a sense of safety something I would've never thought I would feel around him.

We walked up to a diner that wasn't too nice but was cute, he walked in and moved his arm to my waist still holding me close. “Horan” he said to the girl who looked at me and raised her eyebrows, she knew…she saw my fear. She nodded before walking away and then returning with menus and then leading us to a spot in the back. “Your waitress will be right with you” she said and then gave me a nervous look before walking away. I sat across from Niall his feet intertwining with mine, I ignored his attempts to try and get a reaction from me and instead picked up the menu and looked through it. “Hi I’m Kelsey and I’ll be you-….Niall?” she said her voice trailing off when mentioning his name. “Hi Kelsey.” he responded smiling I looked up from my menu to see a blonde girl her hair up in a ponytail; she was very busty but still looked pretty. “I didn't think I would be seeing you again?” she questioned still refusing to look at me “Well here I am.” “Yea” she carefully looked at me not letting Niall see. She gave me a careful smile before nodding “Would you like a different waitress?” she asked now looking at me “No we’re fine” Niall responded, I opened my mouth to speak but shut it not knowing what to say. “Would you like something to drink?” she asked solemnly, “Water” I said softly, I saw a grin creep on Niall’s face before he agreed with me and then Kelsey walked away. “So why am I actually here?” I hesitantly asked “You interest me…most girls don’t” he responded picking up his menu. “What about her?” I immediately regretted my statement and shrunk in my seat “No she didn't  he simply said. I was expecting him to blow up like Noah would but he didn't he let out a heavy breath before smiling at me. I giggled his smile was so forced…like he had never actually smiled before “What?” he asked me making me jump a bit. “Nothing…” I said and ceased my giggling “No, don’t stop” he said giving me another forced smile “Wh-what?” I asked confused “Don’t stop laughing” I tilted my head to the side confused “I like your laugh.” He told me then placed his hands on the table. “Well I can’t just laugh now…” “Why not?” “Because…you um well you frighten me” I said looking down “Oh…I have that effect on people” I shook my head and looked up smiling “They just haven’t met you yet” I said truly smiling, but then it was erased as Kelsey returned “Are you ready to order?” she asked us but looking at me with worry. “Um well I’ll just share with you…if that’s alright?” I asked looking at Niall who nodded and then told her he was going to have chicken fingers. “Niall” I said quietly swirling my straw in my drink, “Yea?” he asked looking at me intently causing me to stir in my seat uncomfortably. “How do I interest you? I’m no different than anyone else?” he hummed and then the corner of him mouth crept up into a half smile “You’re innocent and cute…most girls are always all over me…I like you…You’re different” I smiled, Noah always told me I was the same as everyone else so whenever we argued he would always say there are billions of girls out there like me.  “Oh” I said softly with a lingering smile.

On the car ride home Niall was easier to talk to not so scary and closed off. He still didn't tell me much about him but I didn't care, as much as he scared me I was drawn to him. The fear that he gave me also somehow made me feel safe because if I was afraid of him then he had to have that effect on others meaning I was safe. Niall walked me up to my front door and then he gave me a small nodded before turning and leaving “Wait Niall” I shouted causing him to sharply turn and face me. “Can…Can I see you again sometime?” I asked and then regretted asking that when a grin grew on his face and he stepped back closer to me wrapping his arm around me and then pressing me to him. “Of course” he said and then gently pressed his lips to my love bite, I hissed in pain and he pulled away “I’m sorry” I looked at him shocked…did he just apologize?

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