Teenage Dirtbag

Just when you think your life it coming around and everything is going to be alright, the worst happens. You love and you loose. When he comes around he makes you feel different, you get butterflies, sparks, hot and numb. Suffering the consequences of the past and trying to fix your future. Can she do it?


1. Chapter 1

Jacklyn's P.O.V

I opened my eyes and covered my ears, I knew Olivia was having a party but this big of one? I put on my boyfriend's sweatshirt and inhaled his sweet smell. I looked in the mirror quickly, I was only wearing hot pink soffee shorts that were half covered by the size of the sweatshirt. My long brown hair straight hair was falling down to it's natural position at my mid torso, my blonde ends slightly waved from me being asleep and all. I loved my dip-dyed hair it was by far my favorite part of myself, I walked closer to the mirror and then rubbed my eyes. I was a very confident girl I knew I was pretty but I wasn't cocky about it and there are much prettier girls out there and I wasn't even close to being beautiful. I shook my head realizing why I was awake again and then got angry. Olivia my sister of 23 knew I had school tomorrow and I was only 16 and it was almost summer how could she already be having house parties. I opened my door the music suddenly getting louder, I walked down the stairs and couldn't seem to find her anywhere. I pushed through some of the hot bodies before my eyes fell upon a blonde male who was talking to some girl. He gave me chills scared me a bit so I closed my eyes and then opened them, he was still there. I turned but was bumped and then bumped again until falling into the ground. "Ouch" I said with a small whimper, I felt a warm grasp around my wrist and was prepared to thank my helper but then realized it was the same blonde guy. "You need help?" he asked pulling me to my feet. "Oh uh thanks" I said softly, he put his hand to my lower back and then pushed me to him and swayed us to the music. "You don't look dressed for the party" he said into my ear, I felt my palms get very sweaty and I put one of my hands around his neck and the other on his chest. "Niall" he said softly, "Jac-Jackie" I said softly "Well hi Jackie" he said and then placed a small kiss on my forehead. I was scared but somehow taken back by his beauty his eyes the way the sparkled in the available light made him look soft and gentle but then his manner made him dark and scary. My eyes were fixed on his chest at my eye level, I gently pushed against his chest "Cute" he muttered. I felt weak and helpless like there was nothing I could do, if I screamed no one would hear or they assume it was someone having fun...if I ran he could catch up. He flipped me around so my butt was pressed against his area. "S-stop" I said softly I felt the vibrations of his chuckles and then he spun me back around. His smirk was the last thing I saw before I felt his lips on my neck. I bit my lip and again pushed on his chest, which only made him suck harder. I let out a small whimper and if I wasn't so scared I probably would've enjoyed it. But all that was on my mind was Noah and getting away. When he finally pulled away I could feel the tenderness of the skin where he had just marked me. He looked at me with sympathetic eyes but that was soon gone and then wanting filled them again. He leaned back down and kissed it softly. "I'll see you around Jackie" he said and then squeezed my hand walking away. 

I stood there and then hesitantly raised my hand to the tender spot, I hissed in pain and then lowered my hand. I looked around and then walked out and to the kitchen "Olivia" I shouted and ran to her. "What's that?" she asked me confused and then gestured to my neck, I quickly covered it up and then shook my head. "Nothing it's nothing" I told her "Well sure...what's up?" she asked me then held out a beer I shook my head "Could you call it a night please....I need to sleep" I asked nicely "Yea of course" My sister was always one of understanding, she never wanted me to have any more difficulty than I already have had in the past. I smiled and gave her a hug "Thanks and sorry for ruining your fun...I mean you know I would be down here" she nodded then shooed me away and back up stairs. As I was walking up the stairs I looked down at all the people and my sister and her friends telling them to leave. I saw him his blonde quiffed hair bouncing as he strutted to the door, he turned and looked at me his blue eyes piercing through mine. Then he turned and walked out the door. I ran into my room and closed the door locking it I jumped into bed and pulled the covers up to my nose hiding...I was scared that he may come up here. I closed my eyes and let the relief of sleep take over my body. 


I woke up and heard laughter and chatter, I walked into my bathroom feeling soothed by the lavender walls, I washed my face and then brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror and smiled I didn't look half bad this morning. I walked out of my bathroom and there he was standing in my bedroom looking at some pictures. "Is this your mum?" he asked me I jumped a bit startled that he knew I was there "Uh....Yea" I responded and then took a step closer. "Your sister Olivia she is very sweet...you're lucky" I stepped closer again "Why are you here?" he chuckled and then turned "For you of course" "I I have a boyfriend" I said and gestured to the picture next to his hand. He turned and looked at it and then picket it up, his fingers traced over someone in the picture and then he put it down. "That's Noah" my sister said as she walked in and handed him a cup of tea. Niall turned to me and smiled "Do you think that Noah would mind if I took Jackie out to dinner tonight?" I looked at Olivia confused and she smiled "I don't see why not..." I glared at her before locking eyes with Niall. "I would mind" I butted in Olivia rolled her eyes and then smiled at Niall "She will be ready by 5" I threw my hands up at my sister and groaned "Oh it wont be that bad I just want to get to know you better" Niall said my sister smiled and then nodded and left the room. Niall made sure that Olivia was out of sight and out of hearing range, he walked over and closed the door. When he turned I gripped the hem of my...Noah's jacket. Niall smiled at the marking on my neck then stepped closer grabbing my waist before I could walk away. "I will have you Jackie" he said softly into my hair, "Bu-but Noah" I said into his chest "He is only an obstacle." he placed his lips on my neck and hummed making me wince. "Besides you're already mine" Niall took a step back and then he smirked "I'll see you around 5 Jackie" he said before leaving the room. I quickly ran to my phone and then grabbed it and dialed Noah's number. 

"Noah Noah" I shouted 

"What babe calm down. Are you okay?"

"No I...I mean yes! But I need to talk to you after school? Can you pick me up?"

"Yea of course, I'll see you at 3" 

"Okay bye" 

"Bye I love you" he said I love you....I wasn't ready....I'm not ready

"You know I can't say that Noah" 

"I know but I want you to know that I do love you" I smiled 

"I'll see you later" I said and hung up. 

When I arrived at school  I quickly ran into my class and then made my way to the back. "You okay Jackie?" Stacie asked as she twirled a pencil in her manicured hands. "Oh yea fine" I responded my head was racing through all the previous events, "Ms. Jensen." my teacher called and I looked up "Yes?" I asked confused "They need you in the office."

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