A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


11. Part 9

______Emmi's P.O.V___________
Oh crap I'm stuck, "none of your business Moll's", I said trying to loosens we grip,but she was holding my wrist tighter, "now let me go", "yeah right and no one said that's none of their business", but I slapped her across the face, she let go, I ran with the car keys as fast I can be. "EMMI!!!!!! COME BACK HERE!!",she yelled, I ran outside and unlocked my door. I got it and put the key in the key slot. Then I locked my door so she won't open it, I put my seatbelt on and reverse the car. As I go to the street, I saw the garage door open, I saw Molly with a baseball bat. "CRAP!",I yelled to myself, I step in the petal and drove off. I'm glad that I'm out of there, as I got to the beach, I saw Niall, and the rest there, waiting for me. As I parked the car, I got a message from Alyson,Chase, and Molly, oh great. The one from Alyson is:
Alyson: hey remember about the talk yesterday
Me: yes I no and I'm at the beach I gtg bye
Then one from Chase-
Chase:hey babe good luck with Niall and the rest I will miss u, and I lov u, and if they mess with u I will beat them up, okay lov.
Me:okay Chase I lov u 2, but don't wrry about me, okay I gtg bye I'm here
And of coarse Molly-
Molly: U think ur safe, HA think again I'm going to beat u up, and if u don't bother coming home, where r u going to live loser, Ha and ur lucky I have work today for 5 hours! And have fun of ur stupid life I hope it does soon.
Me: well looks who talking, u see not that I don't care about u, well lets just say I hate u! HA u don't give a damn about anything don't u. U wear way too much make-up that looks like a slut, and oh u so look like a snookie/ Kim Kardashian look,oh wait because u act like them, and looked like then, don't get me wrong on this well it's true and right, that U CAN BARLEY FIT UR BODY IN YOUR CAR! Well gtg, Snookie Kardashian, and don't bother texting me back.
Then after that, I put my phone away, I got out of the car. Then they looked at me, then I grabbed my backpack, and walk toward then. I hope this will do well today.
___________Niall P.O.V_________
When I saw Emmi came out of the car, she looks so stunning, her hair is up into a messy bun. Her fitted body, and everything about her that I describe her in one word, Beautiful. "Hey guys, so what's your plan,to get my forgiveness to you guys", said Emmi, then I snapped myself out of my thoughts "oh we are going to make a music video like we always do", "oh okay well let see how the fun experience will go", she said walking toward the sand. As we got to the spot we want, it was close to the water. "Okay let's start", said Harry, and the girls took off there clothes and see them in a bikini, holy crap Emmi is so hot in that bikini. Then Harry slapped my head, that I snapped out of my thoughts once again. Then I notice the boys took off there clothes and left with a swim trunk, they left me by running towards the water, but Emmi waited for me. As I was in my swim trunk, we ran towards the water, as I got in, I notice Em's not with me, I looked back, she was still on the shore,looking cold, I went back out and carried her bridal style, into the water, "NIALL JAMES HORAN,PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!" "Suit yourself", I said dropping her underwater, she came out and said "oh your going to get it Niall", she jumped on my back, but I put her underwater again. Then I grabbed her, and put my arms around her waist, and pull her closer to me. Then she put her arms around my neck. "Niall ever since I first met you I-I-I-I-" she stutter her words,but then she said "I love you, Niall". Then I was at shocked, "Em's you have no idea how long I've been waiting those words to come out from you, and I love you too" "Niall if you been waiting for me to say it, how come you didn't tell me, I will understand you", she said. Then I kissed her, but she pulled away, "what's wrong did I something bad?"I asked, "no you didn't,but I can't kiss you I-I-I'm dating Chase". What she's dating Chase? He got her before me, "what? But you said you loved me and now your taken", I said "it's not like that, it's that I agreed with him to see if I feel anything for him, but I didn't feel anything, the. When I kissed you, I felt a spark", she said. "So pick who are you going to choose me or him", I said crossing my arms, "well I just told you it's....."
Who will now make Emmi her boyfriend? And I know some of you pick Niall and not chase well lets see who wants to be with Em's.
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