A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


10. Part 8

______Emmi's P.O.V______________
What can it be so important right now? As I climbed down the roof, and down to the thick tree that is next to my balcony. "What's up Al's?",I said cleaning my self off with the all the other leaves "I heard your going out with Chase? What are you thinking?!" She said me with some attitude. I leaned back, "woah woah calm down, why are you so angry about this, you keep telling me that how cute that me and Chase are, and now your telling me what was I thinking", I said, "well I was just joking Emmi I didn't meant it, you only known Chase ever since 6th grade and you know Niall for a long time, do you see what Niall trying to do here?",she asked me crossing her arms, "he's trying to be your friend again, he's trying to start all over again, he's trying to erase all the stupid memory,the messed up flashback, he wants to take care of you, and promising himself not to hurt you again, now did Chase ever say that to you, cause I over heard Niall saying that in the guys bathroom", did he really say that, I know that Alyson what pull a lie on me, and I think she's telling the truth, "so you telling me I made a mistake of going out with Chase, and Niall is the one", "exactly,but if you still want to think about it, why don't you wait till tomorrow and if he messed up again,give him a chance, please Em's in begging you to pick the right guy, who will last forever, and whose your Prince Charming, and who will treat you like a Princess", she said holding my hand, "alright fine I will till tomorrow", I said, then Alyson was happy, "now I got to go before my sister found out I'm out here", I said saying goodbye to Alyson. I climbed back up and went in my room, and I hear my door knocking like crazy "EMMI OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!", oh great trouble is here, I open it and then she punch me and kicked me, "what...the...hell are you beating me up",I said so painfully, "DUHH! Cause it's said on my schedule that I have to beat you up", then she smack, kick, and punch me. I feel the pain, then she left, I crawled to my bed an laid on my bed, holding my stomach of pain. Then I drifted to sleep.
*Next Morning*\ ugh feel bad, but I have to go to the beach. I got up and brushed my teeth, I put my hair in a messy bun, then I put on a cute blue, and white stripes bikini with bows. Then I wore a Neon blue strapless crop top, (like what Perrie wore in Wings music video but not the same pattern) and a denim ripped high waist shorts. Then I put my towel in my Vans neon colorful backpack, and my IPhone 4S, and my note book and my pencil,I draw and write songs, then Niall going to bring the underwater camcorder. I put my sunglasses on, and put on my white low-tops Vans shoes on, but with no socks on. Then I tiptoed to my living room, and saw my sister door a little bit open, an I can see her bed, I looked to make sure she is not awake, I looked and she is still asleep. I got to the kitchen and grabbed two water bottles, and an apple to eat. Dang it Molly has my car keys cause she will steal them is I don't so whatever she asked for, and it's in her room, I have no other choice is to get it back. As I walked up to her room, I open it carefully, and tiptoed inside. I saw it in the table next to her bed, but her face is right there in front of it. As I carefully walked there tiptoeing, I got there, I stretch my arms and when I got it, Molly woke up and grabbed my wrist, "what you think your going?," oh crap I'm stuck.
I hope you like this chapter
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