A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


7. Part 6

A/N:Hey guys on the first chapter the Prologue I messed up on one part, where is said that she has 'Dirty brown hair' well it spelled checked me, and I suppose to say 'Dirty blonde hair' so yeah Emmi has dirty blonde hair not brown.
_______Emmi's P.O.V___________
How can he still remember it, the note said: "Ңęƴ ǫŋ Şąţųŗdąƴ çǫɱę ţǫ ţђę ɓęąçђ wįţђ ųş ąŋd ɱąķę ą ɱųşįç vįdęǫ ɭįķę wę ųşɭęƴ dǫ. -Ɲįąɭɭ". "What did it say?", ask Alyson,"Does it say something rude?", "it said that he wants to let me come to the beach with them, like we usually do one time, we record each other and pretending we're like Nicki Minaj,Taylor Swift,Justin Beiber, or Selena Gomez", I said folding back the paper. Then I put it back into my backpack, "well guys wanna get something to drink or eat, how about the ice cream parlor down the street", I said, "I can't,sorry Em's,but my father want me to go to his dinner at this fancy restaurant for his work tonight", said Alyson, "okay Al's how about you Chase, what do you say?" "Well I guess I need a treat from all the practice today, come on let's go", he said leaning against the lockers, with his hands in his left pocket,and one strap around his shoulders. I can see his boxer, so he was defiantly sagging, but when the sun shines behind him, his blue eyes lights up, it sparkles in the sunlight. His beautiful brown hazel hair swift to the side, and his fitted black shirt, that I can see his muscles and his abs.
As we walked to the ice cream parlor, he payed for the ice cream for me, but I wanted to payed myself,but instead he did. I had just a vanilla ice cream, nothing much, he got Rocky Rode ice cream with toppings like chocolate sprinkles and little marshmallows. "So Emmi are you going to apologize to them?",he asked me, "well I think they need to push a little harder to find my way to get me to apologize to them, I mean the beach one is the fun experience in my life,but there one that I have the most fun time in my entire life", I said licking my vanilla ice cream, "and what's that missy", he ask me, "well it was a time,when everybody was busy and Niall was the only one that was free, me and Niall walked together, and he brought his guitar, then we found this place and it feels like it's so magical, cause when the stars come out, fireflies fly everywhere, and lights the tree, it looks so beautiful,then when the moonlight shines against the water,I can see the moon reflection and also the stars too, then we set a blanket down, then Niall strum his guitar, I will lay down and stare at the stars and sing a song to make me feel safe and relax." "Really,I never heard you sang before",he said, "yeah, then Me and Niall kept the place ours, I can tell which place is it, he put an 'N+E Place' on the tree trunk and that stayed there forever". I missed that place so much,but I stopped going there cause ever since Niall betrayed me, but sometimes I just go there by myself and looks at the stars, everytime I go there I made myself cry, cause how I miss Niall being there with me ,strumming his guitar,singing with me. Without him that place feels like it lost the magic touch, like no fireflies no moonlight shines above the lake, nothing. Then me and Chase went to the park, we sat on the swings in silence, "Hey Em's can I speak to you" he said looking at me, "yeah Chase", I said biting the cone from the ice cream. "I known you for like when I we were 13 years old and I wanna to ask you, Will you go out with me?", OMG did he just asked me out, but I think I feel the same way about him. I don't know,but I like Niall when were kids,but I can't decide. "Uhhh?"
Da Da Da Daaa, I hope you guys like this, it's a pretty suckish chapter.
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