A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


6. Part 5

_______Niall P.O.V_____________
"And even though we were all best friends that time, it's still not going to work for a little apologize", she said while swinging her pony tail and slapping my face with it. I turned back to the boys and the girls and said, "so who has an idea how to prove to get her back", "I don't know lets think lads", said Liam looking at the ground,tapping our foot. "I GOT IT!",yelled out Perrie, everybody pull their eyes on her, "we use to go to the beach and grabbed an underwater camera and pretend we doing a music videos, I always love doing that", she said putting her hands together and twisting her body just like a little girl. "Yeah that's good idea, but just in case that never works we have to think another one that its her favorite everytime in her whole an tired world", I said.
As we think, I totally remember that Emmi really love doing this, "hey I got a second idea, me and Em's love doing this,but tonight there's going to be alot of stars",they all nodded, "well I remember me and Em's were alone and we do this every night,but we lay under the stars and sing a song,I always have a guitar with me and she will sing a song, and I know a private spot that we use to spot stars, and we named it, it's called 'Special Hearts'",I know it was a stupid name,but Em's said that it was so special,that she felt so safe there. "Okay I guess that will work", said Eleanor. All we have to do is go find Em's.
_________Emmi's P.O.V_________
"I don't know you should forgive them Em's, like after what they did to you,you wan to go through that again", said Alyson, "yeah I agreed with Al's, you never know if the left you broken down again", said Chase. I don't know why their worrying, if they really want to prove that they are sorry and wanna be friends again they have to do something special," stop worrying I will handle.... Like eight people", I said,when I open my locker, there was a note, I grabbed it I opened it. How can he still remember that.
Oh what does it say? Will its looks pretty obvious if you ask me. If you don't get it, then wait what happens next chapter, or read it again, then maybe you will know.
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