A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


5. Part 4

__________Alyson P.O.V_______
I was pacing back and forth, because Molly is probably beating up Emmi. Then Chase came and said, "what's up Al?", "Chase Emmi is gone,Molly took her", I said all worried. "Um what are you talking about I took Em's to the nurse office cause I found her sitting on the cement with her hand on her forehead", he said, "what? Thank god", I said. I felt so relax,then Emmi came.
_____Emmi's P.O.V_____________
As my sister left I look again and Niall was gone, wow how nicely of him just stood there,while Molly threw me on the cement and hurt my forehead. Then Chase ran up to me, and said "Hey Em's are you okay? What happen?","Molly came by and said that she needs my car, but I didn't let her have it cause she needs to drive her own car,but then I called her a dumb ass and then She threw me on the ground", I said. "Oh want me to take you to the nurse, there a scar on the right corner of your forehead", he asked me so sweetly, he gave me a piggy back ride, I jumped on his back and he walked me to the nurse offices.
As we got there, the nurse said to lay on the bed, so Chase put me down gently. "Hey can go to Alyson to tell her I'm in the nurses offices?",I asked Chase, then he nodded and walked outside to the fields. When he left, I kept on thinking, how come Niall just stood there, and I saw him taking out something on the top of his shirt, some sort of necklace. But why he just looked at that necklace and walked away? Then I transferred back to reality, then the nurse came with a bandage. "Here Em's, this will helped it heal", she gently put it on the scar. The nurse treats me like a mother, she was a very good friend of my mom before the accident, but she doesn't know about my sister beating me up all the time. "Thanks Rebecca",I said, "so how did you get that scar Em's", she asked me, "oh you know,Alyson kick the ball to my face", I lied to her,I hate lying to the people that doesn't know about my sister. "Okay be careful,you don't wanna sprain an ankle", she said walking out. I get off the bed,and walked out.
Then I saw Alyson, and Niall, Harry,Zayn,Louis,Liam,Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor,but no Avery. Then I walked to Alyson and Chase, I came and Alyson exhale, from relief. "Hey Aly what's up?",I said, "Em's I thought your sister took you?",she said slouching, "no, she said she waste her time talking to me and just left an---- um Al's what are they doing here", I said whispering the last part in her ear, "and where's Avery?". "Oh they want to apologize to you cause they said they are sick and tired of threatening you every single day", she said, "well is this true",I walked up to then and they all nodded, "I wouldn't forgive them if I were you Em's",said Alyson, maybe she was right,but if I want to forgive them, a little apologizing is not going to work for threatening me for 10 years. "Look of you want me to forgive you, a apologizing wont help for bullying me like 10 years", I sad crossing my arms, "and even though we were all best friends that time, it's still not going to work for a little apologize". Then me,Alyson,and Chase left, my hair swing,when I turned around. I hope they are telling the truth.
I hope you enjoy.
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