A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


4. Part 3

______Emmi's P.O.V___________
Oh no I'm dead, dead I tell you. "Run, Emmi run!",yelled Alyson, I ran away, but Niall started to chase me, I didn't pay attention so I ran into someone, "hey watch it, EMMI!" I looked up, great my sister is here,she picked grabbed my shirt and pulled me up, "GIVE ME MY DAMN CAR!!" She yelled, "IT'S MY CAR YOU DUMBASS!" I shouted at her,then she threw me on the cement, my forehead started to bleed a little bit. "NO ONE CALLS ME THAT!", then I turned I see Niall, just stand there. "Whose that Em's!" She said, I didn't answered, "TELL ME!!" "H-h-his n-n-name is Niall, he's nobody", I stuttered my words. "WELL WHATEVER GIVE ME YOUR CAR!", "Where's your car?", "I CAN'T GO TO THE MALL WITH THAT STANKY CAR!" She yelled, "It's in my bag, and my practice won't end till 5 pm" I said. Then I can tell she's pissed off.
______Niall P.O.V______________
God she's going to get it! I chased after her,but she ran into someone. I stopped and that chick was holding Em's shirt, Em's looked scared. Then she threw Em's on the cement, I saw her forehead bleeding, then when they looked at me I heard, "he's nobody" those words hurt me, I can't believe she said that, wait why did I even care about her. Wait, I looked in my shirt and I was wearing a necklace that said 'friend'
I been having this neck lace ever since me and Em's were great friends, and she has the best, but one day at school she word a short that I showed her neck, and she wasn't wearing the necklace, she always talks to Chase, why does she talk to him anyways, he blonde like me. Does she liked him? SNAPPED out if it Niall I'm not falling for her- WHO AM I KIDDING! I'm in love with her, I dated Avery cause I thought getting rid of her in my mind will work,but it didn't. I walked over to the boys and Perrie,Danielle,and Eleanor, "where's Avery?" I asked, "she's in the nurse",said Eleanor, "GUYS IM SICK AMD TIRED IF BEING MEAN TO EMMI", I yelled, "yeah I really hate being mean to her", said Eleanor. "Alyson!" I yelled, she came, "why do you want, and where's Emmi", "look we been sick and tired of being mean to you guys and I left her with this girl with dirty blonde hair" I said, then her eyes widen, "did this girl yelled at her?" She ask, "yeah why?", "NIALL YOU LEFT HER WITH HER SISTER!" She yelled, "is that bad?", asked Perrie, "Yes it is! Her sister does much worse things at home then you guys do at school, and one time we called the police,but they were mesmerize by her beauty and hotness, then Em's got beat up", she said running to Emmi. "Oh shit I didn't even know", we ran and then we can't find her. "Oh no! CHASE!!" Alyson yelled running her finger through her hair, when we got there, Emmi is gone. Oh no, what have I done.
Hop you like and Fav.
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