A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


3. Part 2

______Emmi's P.O.V___________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As I parked my car,I got out. When I walked I hear "EM'S!" I turned, and I saw Alyson, "hey Al's where Chase?" I said, "and no I'm not falling for Chase,we're just friends", apparently I wanted to be more then friends,but although that never will happen. "I was not going to say that and I don't where he is", she said, "okay then what were you going to say", I said giving her a glare, "why do you think I was going to say something", she said shrugging her shoulders, "c'mon I know you going to say something", "Okay I was that you always will miss him, and you say you don't love not miss", she said using her weirdly eyes, I rolled my eyes and laughed. As we entered the school I bumped into Avery, "Oww watch it Fatty MC fat fat", she laughed while her cheerleader friends, Perrie,Danielle,and Eleanor laugh. Then I heard, "hey Avery keep it up,she will expand on her anger or should I say expand on her stomach", it was Niall, and Harry,Zayn,Louis,and Liam laughing all together, I was in between them. Then Alyson said "Knock it off! You guys she already getting bullied at home so Sh- Oww hey! Oh was I supposed to tell then that your older sister bulli- Oww okay I will shut up",She said, she almost blew out about my sister bullying me. Then I got up, "well come on Alyson before I get more bullied." I pulled her arms, none of then said a thing well only Avery laugh. (At soccer practice) Me and Alyson are in soccer, I have dance practice tomorrow so I have time. We shared the field for the cheerleaders and the football team. I looked at the football team and saw Chase shirtless, full of sweat on his body, he saw me and smiled at me, then I got transferred back to reality world,by Alyson kicking the soccer ball to my face and fall down. "Oww Alyson", "sorry Em's I thought you were paying attention instead of staring at--- ohh you staring at Chase aren't you", "shut up Alyson or the ball will end up hitting your face", I said,then she laughed,I kicked the soccer ball scored a goal. When the couch went in his offices, I saw Avery on too of the pyramid, and smiling at Niall, I don't know what came over me, but I kicked the ball and it ended up hitting Avery back, she fell off the topped of the pyramid,but guess who caught her Niall,but Chase and Alyson were cracking up. Then Niall,Avery, and their friend looked at me, "Alyson why did I kicked the ball to Avery, she was smiling at Niall", I said all worried. "Oooo your jelly" "WHAT?!? I'm not jelly Aly,why would I be jelly of Niall?" I said widen my eyes, was I no no I can't be in love. "Well I know,but- oh no Avery and Niall,and their friends are coming this way", she said, then I looked their were coming. Oh god I'm dead. __________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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